Call of Duty may have accidentally revealed Warzone Duos coming soon

Infinity Ward

A brief update to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 3 website briefly displayed an official teaser for a Duos mode in Warzone.

The since-deleted image showed a preview of the “New Modes” coming to the battle royale. The teaser included an image of four players dropping together depicting Quads along with characters dressed in covert suits with snipers, possibly for ‘Scopes and Scatter Guns.’

But the third image that made a short appearance on the site was for a previously unannounced Duos mode that showed one player firing at an opponent while another covered them from below with a Tactical Shield.

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Infinity Ward
A Duos playlist was teased for a short time on the Call of Duty site.

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The Call of Duty site was quickly updated which removed the image of the highly-requested mode.

A playlist for Quads is already live in Warzone and we know that Season 3 will bring a continuous supply of new playlists for the free-to-play BR component of Modern Warfare.

While the teaser was shown on an official channel for the devs, the mention of Duos was seemingly premature.

via Charlie Intel
The image briefly shown on the Call of Duty website indicating a Duos mode is a part of Season 3 plans.

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The updated site now removes all mentions of Duos. Though the playlist hasn’t yet been officially announced, the mistakenly posted image is so far the strongest evidence that the devs are considering adding two-member squads.

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If it is something that Warzone will get in Season 3, the Infinity Ward or Activision will likely be making an official announcement detailing Duos soon.

The news comes on the heels of player concerns that have cropped up since Warzone lost the fan-favorite Trios playlist in lieu of Quads, following the massive update on April 7.

Infinity Ward
Warzone Duos would be a popular mode for a lot of Call of Duty players.

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“WHY would you add Quads, but REMOVE Trios?!” Reddit user ‘lWoooooOl’ said. “We want Solos, Duos, Trios, AND Quads, not just 1 or 2 options. This better not mean Quads will go away eventually or something.”

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Even though there are going to be more rotating modes throughout Season 3, there are some that players would consider as staples for any battle royale.

It’s unclear if the yet-to-be-announced Duos would be the next candidate to replace Quads in Warzone, or if the devs would rather have both playlists running simultaneously.

In either case, Infinity Ward are bound to appeal to a large portion of their fan base if they do decide to add it, and judging by this slip-up on the official CoD website, the mode is on its way!

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