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Call of Duty League reportedly has no plans to expand for 2021 season

Published: 1/Sep/2020 2:54

by Isaac McIntyre


The Call of Duty League will not expand beyond its original 12-team format in its second season, insider reports are suggesting, despite commissioner Johanna Faries confirming there is “great demand” for potential CDL expansion ahead of the competition’s 2021 edition.

The behind-the-scenes decision to keep the competition contained at 12 teams ⁠— for now, at least ⁠— is due to the fact the Call of Duty League was forced into an online format mid-way through its inaugural campaign.


According to multiple insider reports, including from ESPN, both the league and team owners were unified in the ‘null’ expansion decision. The plan, sources are suggesting, is to give the CDL an opportunity to “showcase [its] original business plan” before recruiting further teams. 

Dexerto expects the Call of Duty League to run one more year of city-based tournaments for 2021, before returning to its original expansion plan for 2022. Reports suggest Activision will seek higher franchising sums this time around.


Inaugural teams joining in the Call of Duty league’s very first season paid a $25 million buy-in, paid over an unspecified amount of time. It has not yet been confirmed how high the planned slot price-hike may go, internally or otherwise.

Dallas Empire were crowned inaugural Call of Duty League champions last weekend.
Dallas Empire were crowned inaugural Call of Duty League champions last weekend.

The non-expansion news comes at the same time as confirmation the CDL’s second season will be played on Black Ops Cold War. This is especially important because the new Treyarch title is returning to 4v4 modes with its 2020 release.

That means each of the 12 franchised teams will now have their starting roster sliced from five to four. This will effectively leave a full dozen starters from the 2020 season either riding the bench or cut from CDL rosters entirely.


According to CDL commissioner Faries, the move was made “in close collaboration with teams and players”. That doesn’t change the fact, however, that the 4v4 plans combined with no expansion cut the starting player pool by a hefty 20%.

The CDL is now facing the prospect of losing 20% of its starting player pool to the bench or semi-pro competitions.
The CDL is now facing the prospect of losing 20% of its starting player pool to the bench or semi-pro competitions.

One potential avenue for CDL expansion when the plan does eventually return to the table in the 2022 preseason is Europe. There’s hope from the London Royal Ravens front office that Activision and the league “look to Europe next.”

“If the league can expand in Europe, whenever that happens, it will be great,” Royal Ravens managing director Michael O’Dell said during the Champs media press conferences last week.


“To get [the players] over here, do a lot more activations. The UK fans are fantastic. The event we did get to do at the Cooper Box was amazing. It’s just a shame that [we lost] our other event as well. Expansion is what I would like to see.”

Call of Duty

CDL’s Florida Mutineers announce $25K Warzone tourney: how to qualify

Published: 13/Oct/2020 23:13

by Albert Petrosyan


Call of Duty League franchise, Florida Mutineers, are putting together a Warzone tournament series that will give interested players a chance to compete against big-name pros and content creators for a slice of the $25,000 prize pool.

With the dog days of the Call of Duty League offseason very much upon us, more and more teams are entering the business of hosting Warzone competitions, with the Florida Mutineers being the latest example.


Along with one of their leading sponsors, Cox, the Mutineers have organized the Elite Gamer event, a series of Warzone tournaments that will culminate with a $25,000 championship featuring a lot of popular figures in and out of the gaming world.

Before that, however, players in the United States will get a chance to compete in several smaller play-in competitions, which will feature their own prizes as well as qualifier spots for the main event.

Warzone Florida Mutineers
Infinity Ward
Warzone tournaments have been all the rage in CoD since the CDL’s offseason began.

Elite Gamer Play-In tournaments: dates & how to sign up

There are four duos play-in tournaments for the Elite Gamer event, the first of which was already played on October 2. The next three are on October 13, 21, and 23, all of which are open to anyone in the US.

These smaller competitions feature prizes from SCUF Gaming, Astro Gaming, and the Florida Mutineers organization, with the top-two duo teams from each one advancing to the Pro-Am Championship.

Those interested in playing can sign up by visiting the Elite Gamer Warzone Tournament Series website here, which also contains all of the detailed rules and a list of prizes.

Florida Mutineers Warzone tournament
Florida Mutineers
The Florida Mutineers’ Elite Gamers Warzone series features $25,000 in prizes.

Elite Gamer $25,000 Pro-Am Championship

The Elite Gamer series will wrap up on October 27 with the $25,000 Pro-Am Championship tournament, which will feature “celebrities, professional athletes, musicians, and top CDL players,” according to the team.

$15,000 will go to the first-place duo, $5,000 to second place, and the remaining $5,000 will be donated to The Call of Duty Endowment – a non-profit organization that seeks to help veterans find high-quality careers by supporting groups that prepare them for the job market and by raising awareness of the value veterans bring to the workplace.

Several players have already been confirmed, including Thomas ‘Tommey’ Trewren and Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad – popular streamers who have already won several high-profile Warzone competitions. The full list of participants will likely get revealed at some point ahead of the main event.

Aydan Warzone
Aydan - Twitch
Aydan is one of the big-name content creators participating in this Elite Gamers Warzone event.

That’s all we know about this tournament series so far; while the details regarding the actual format haven’t been announced yet, considering that it’s a “pro-am” tournament, each Warzone player will likely be paired up with someone from outside the gaming industry.

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