Warzone adds giant trophy at Stadium to honor Call of Duty League champions Dallas Empire
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Warzone adds giant trophy at Stadium to honor CDL champions Dallas Empire

Published: 9/May/2021 22:56 Updated: 9/May/2021 22:59

by Albert Petrosyan


Dallas Empire, the first-ever champions of the Call of Duty League, are receiving a giant monument in Warzone to honor their 2020 championship season, complete with a massive CDL trophy right in front of Verdansk Stadium.

When Dallas Empire beat Atlanta FaZe to be crowned champions of the Call of Duty League’s inaugural season, Activision celebrated with a massive display of fireworks above Verdansk Stadium in Warzone.

Now, following the release of Verdansk ’84 – a throwback version of the map that’s gone back in time – Empire are getting a more permanent monument to honor their achievements in 2020.

Empire trophy in Warzone
Dallas Empire will be honored in Warzone for their 2020 CDL Championship efforts.

In front of the new, smaller version of Stadium, a massive CDL trophy is being added, with plaques along its base that read ‘Dallas Empire 2020 champions” along with the team’s official logo. All of this will officially go live in Warzone on May 10.


Behind the trophy, along the outside wall of what would normally be the arena’s entrance, five banners are also being added that each feature a player from the championship roster, along with their gamertags.

Dallas Empire 2020 championship roster

  • Indervir ‘iLLeY’ Dhaliwal
  • Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter
  • James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks
  • Anthony ‘Shotzzy’ Cuevas-Castro
  • Cuyler ‘Huke’ Garland
Dallas Empire CDL champions in Warzone
When Dallas Empire won the 2020 CDL Championship, fireworks were seen above Verdansk Stadium in Warzone.

Those of you who keep up with the CDL will know that only three of those players are currently playing for Empire. Clayster was dropped after being the odd man out when the league announced a return to the classic 4v4 format, while Huke was surprisingly benched and transferred to LA Thieves midway through the 2021 campaign.

At this point, it’s not clear what Activision and the CoD League are planning for this year’s Championship celebrations in Warzone, if there are any plans at all. As mentioned above, last year’s Champs featured fireworks above Stadium, while the entire Grand Final was also broadcast inside the arena.


We could see something similar for this season’s finale, and with the Empire being permanently commemorated in-game, it seems logical that the 2021 champions will also get something similar. Either the current monument will be replaced with the next team’s name and players, or another giant trophy and four more banners will be added after this season concludes.