Call of Duty League caster roasts fan who said she was hired for “pretty face”

allycxt troll call of duty leagueTwitter, @allycxt, @CODLeague / Pixabay

Call of Duty League caster Alyssa ‘Allycxt’ Parker doesn’t take kindly to those who minimize women in esports. After hearing that female talent only get their jobs due to ‘prettiness,’ she instantly clapped back.

Former Call of Duty League host and current Halo Championship Series host Lottie Van-Praag took to Twitter on March 11 to try and explain something. In particular, she wanted people to know that “being a female isn’t a job title.”

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Instead, Van-Praag elaborated that “we have separate jobs.. host, analyst, caster.. there isn’t just the staple female on the desk and that’s the role.”

Despite this reasonable explanation, some members of the internet weren’t convinced. One decided to drop a “fact,” saying that “women have jobs in esports for the pretty face to attract viewers.” So, Allycxt responded.

CDL caster Allycxt claps back at fan’s “fact” about women

Taking the fan to task, Allycxt explained that the tweet says more about the fan than it does about women in esports. As she concisely put it, “if you’re watching CoD just to look at my face, you are down horrific brotha.”

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This wasn’t enough for the fan, known only as ‘codislyf,’ who proceeded to double down and reveal that they were on a burner account. Codislyf continued to say that retired pros should be on the desk, but the CDL “bring a beautiful face to attract new viewers.”

The back-and-forth continued, with Allycxt making it clear that codislyf’s behavior equated to “misogyny.” While the fan explained that they were on this fake account to avoid being canceled, others chimed in supporting the 2022 analyst.

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One user called her “one of the better on desk talent in years.” Another said “she knows CoD through and through and brings a different perspective.” Last, but not least, one decided to add a little Elden Ring twist, telling codislyf that he (or she) is “just a troll who can’t get no maidens.”

On Allycxt’s end, she has since suggested that the league should host an “analyst exhibition match” so she can prove her in-game skills for real. For those who want to judge her desk talent, though, simply tune into the CDL’s Major 2 Qualifiers.

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