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Call of Duty League 2022 power rankings after Major 3 qualifiers (Week 2)

Published: 23/May/2022 17:01

by Jacob Hale


The Call of Duty League Major 3 cycle has reached its midpoint, with the second week of qualifying finished and the leaderboards looking markedly different from Major 2. Here’s how the most recent slate of matches affects our CDL power rankings.

With OpTic Texas’ victory over Atlanta FaZe and Minnesota RØKKR continuing their winning streak, there are some clear divisions and changes being made among the top teams.

Further down the rankings, there are a number of teams who look on the cusp of doing something great but just can’t seem to get anything going.

Here are the latest power rankings for the Call of Duty League during Major 3.


CDL power rankings

12. Paris Legion (-)

Paris Legion CDL LAN
Call of Duty League
Paris Legion may have clocked some map wins, but they’re still floundering.

This spot is almost permanently reserved for Paris Legion and has been for almost three seasons now.

While the team has improved since Major 2, they still aren’t at the same level as their opponents, and even when they do manage to string some map wins together, it very rarely results in a series victory.

11. London Royal Ravens (-)

afro london royal ravens cdl
London Royal Ravens
London started strong but have struggled since Major 2.

London lost 3-1 to Boston Breach, and the team will be scratching their heads over how they can get back to where they were during Major 2.

The last week of qualifying will see London face off against Toronto and Seattle, so it’s looking pretty bleak for the European team.


10. LA Guerrillas (-2)

la guerrillas cdl 2022 roster
LA Guerrillas
LA Guerrillas absolutely flew at Major 2 — but haven’t looked the same since.

From Major 2 champions to Major 3 duds, any momentum that LAG had in Major 2 was lost into the void that was the month-long midseason break.

Fans especially were upset by having so much time without competition, but the Guerrillas have no doubt been impacted the hardest, unable to recall the form they found during that miraculous tournament run.

9. Florida Mutineers (-)

Skyz Florida Mutineers CDL
Instagram: flmutineers
Skyz and the Mutineers have failed to live up to their potential.

The week went about as expected for Florida Mutineers, with victory over LA Guerrillas and a loss to Minnesota RØKKR, making it impossible to move them in our rankings.

Week 3 matchups against Seattle Surge and Toronto Ultra are where Florida can really see themselves move up the rankings.


8. LA Thieves (-3)

la thieves 2022 cdl roster
LA Thieves
LA Thieves had some shining moments, but it’s not working out.

LA Thieves looked much better at the Pro-Am Classic, but by all accounts it looks as though that weekend might have been a one-off.

Their 3-0 loss to Seattle Surge in Week 2 — which should have been a tight affair by all accounts — was proof of the inconsistency in the LA Thieves camp.

7. Seattle Surge (+3)

Seattle Surge announce new-look CDL lineup for 2022 season
Seattle Surge
Seattle Surge might be on the up again.

Seattle aren’t as strong as they were at the start of the season, but have shown glimmers of hope throughout.

Their 3-0 victory over LA Thieves was a step in the right direction, but they’ll need to do much more than that to start challenging for championships again.


6. Boston Breach (-2)

boston breach cdl roster laughing
Twitter: Boston Breach
The Boston Breach boys are among some of the best. They just need to get over the final hurdle to reach the level of FaZe and OpTic.

Boston move down not necessarily because of their own poor performances — they beat London before a loss to FaZe — but simply because other teams have caught up and overtaken them.

They pose a threat to mid-table sides looking to make the leap upwards, but can they really challenge OpTic or FaZe? It’s unlikely.

5. New York Subliners (-2)

New York Subliners at the CDL Pro-Am Classic
New York Subliners
New York Subliners won the Pro-Am, and are still one of the best in the league.

It feels a little harsh moving Subliners down this far, and the reality is the 3rd to 5th spots are incredibly tight right now.

They lost 3-2 to Toronto Ultra, though — a team on the up and playing with a substitute, no less — in a showing that will no doubt result in a few hours of VOD review for the Subliners.


4. Toronto Ultra (+2)

Bance and Cammy Toronto Ultra CDL players
Call of Duty League
Toronto might be turning the tide in their favor.

Toronto have looked very impressive since the break, but there was a fear that could start to unravel and their seeding could drop when it was announced that Insight would be missing their match against New York through illness.

Up stepped rising star Scrappy, though, and they got the job done, winning 3-2. This came two days after their 3-2 loss to Minnesota RØKKR, so the final week could be a huge one for Toronto.

3. Minnesota RØKKR (+4)

Havok Florida Mutineers player CDL
Call of Duty League
Havok has completely revitalized this team so far.

Minnesota’s glow-up between Major 2 and Major 3 has been second to none. They were one of the worst teams in the league but, by bringing Havok in, have flown up the rankings and sit atop the Major 3 leaderboards as it stands.

Their fifth and final match of the Major 3 qualifiers comes against Atlanta FaZe, and if they can win that, we might be seeing the dawn of a real challenger on the way.

2. Atlanta FaZe (-)

Atlanta FaZe at Call of Duty Championship
Call of Duty League
The 2021 champions are having to fight harder for wins this season.

Week 2 was Atlanta FaZe’s perfect opportunity to finally get the better of OpTic Texas for the first time this season, but they failed.

The 2021 world champions are clearly two steps ahead of most of the competition — they just can’t beat OpTic, even with their opponents playing with a substitute. It feels reminiscent of OpTic’s Advanced Warfare season when they could beat everyone except FaZe, but now the shoe’s on the other foot.

1. OpTic Texas (-)

optic texas players at cdl kickoff classic
Instagram: optictexas
OpTic Texas are flying in the CDL.

It’s not even up for debate now: OpTic Texas are a clear-cut best team in the game, even when playing with a substitute.

There’s no denying Prolute has played incredible in his short tenure with the team, but for the squad to continue to thrive on minimal practice with Prolute, speaks volumes of their abilities. It’ll take something huge to beat this OpTic side.

Be sure to check out the CDL 2022 standings and schedule as the season progresses to see how your team is doing.

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