Call of Duty

Call of Duty: Blackout Players Have Discovered a Glitch That Allows You to Duplicate Items

by Ross Deason


One of the first major glitches, or exploits, to be discovered in the Call of Duty: Blackout beta allows players to duplicate items when playing with a partner.


The bug was initially shared by nehpets1999 on Reddit along with a short clip and the description “we both picked up armor at the same time and ended up duplicating it”.

The video shows both players interacting with the armor on the ground. When the first player picks up the armor, another version of it immediately appears for the second player that was holding down their equip button:

We both picked up the armor at the same time and ended up duplicating it from r/Blackops4


The two players go on to double check what had happened, both dropping the identical level three pieces of armor on the ground to confirm what had happened.

It is currently uncertain whether this glitch is only an issue with this particular set of armor, or whether it is a more widespread issue that is affecting various different items.


One Reddit user responded to nehpets1999’s post to say “I just has this same thing happen with my duo partner earlier”, while another pointed out that it needs to fixed as soon as possible and exclaimed “imagine duplicating 10 trauma kits and 50 cal”.

Finding and eliminating bugs and exploits like this, which could potentially be used to gain an unfair advantage, are among the most important jobs that game developers face when releasing a new title.

The advantage to this one being found so early in the Blackout beta is that you can almost guarantee that it will never find its way to the full release of the game in October.