Call of Duty

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Battle Royale Mode Is Unlikely To Overthrow Fortnite According To Analyst

by Scott Mahoney


The newest edition to the Call of Duty franchise is scheduled to release with a new Battle Royale game mode.

The focus of the new mode is to bring the fun of Battle Royale to the hardcore experience that Call of Duty games tend to offer, and will no doubt hope to steal away some of the large Fortnite player base.


However, Andrew Uerkwitz, an analyst for Oppenheimer, tells Business Insider that the two games have different audiences.

Despite the anticipation around Black Ops 4 Uerkwitz has been reassuring clients in the financial industry that the two games will not interfere with one another.

"We believe [Black Ops 4] is not positioned to appeal to wider, younger players like Fortnite is. 

Instead, we believe this game is built to be the best-in-class hardcore [first person shooter]." 


While there may be some intersection of interest Uerkwitz does not believe the Black Ops 4 will take a large portion of the Fortnite audience.

Fortnite has achieved its massive popularity because the game appeals to a broad spectrum of gamers.

Many Fortnite players are of a younger age than that of the Call of Duty fanbase, thanks to its cartoonish style and lack of blood and gore.

Call of Duty is focused on bringing a hardcore gaming experience to fans and that may limit the mass appeal the series receives.


Uerkwitz believes the new Battle Royale feature in Black Ops 4 is more likely to capture market share from other games like PlayerUnkown’s Battleground and traditional first person shooters like Counter-Strike or Battlefield.

Even with the Call of Duty development team focusing more attention on the PC platform Uerkwitz insists this will not have a large effect on the Fortnite fanbase.

In any case, fans can always play both.