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Call of Duty

Call of Duty: All CWL 2K results and recaps for December 2-3 – NA, EU, APAC

Published: 4/Dec/2018 10:20 Updated: 4/Dec/2018 10:33

by Ross Deason


While the eyes of many competitive Call of Duty fans were firmly locked on the CMG ProDown tournament from December 2 – 3, hundreds of teams around the world were still competing in their respective CWL 2K competitions.

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The North American, European and Asia Pacific 2K tournaments for December 2 have all concluded and many of the highest placing teams now have their sights firmly set on CWL Las Vegas, which begins on December 7.

In North America, most of the usual suspects once again featured in the late stages of the competition, but many fans were left surprised by the fact that Tanner ‘Mosh’ Clark’s team toppled Str8 Rippin in the semifinals.


SpaceLy and the rest of Str8 Rippin were unable defend their 2K crown.
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Mosh and company, still playing under the name ‘ayoungsweetchicken’, then went on to defeat Michael ‘Beehzy’ Said’s Excelerate Gaming roster in the Grand Final. The top 16 results can be found below:

NA CWL 2K Series Dec 2-3, 2018 – Final Placements

Place Pro Points Cash Prize Team Roster
 1 2,000 $2,000 ayoungsweetchicken Asim, Mosh, Phantomz, Tisch, GRVITY
 2 1,200 $500 Excelerate Gmaing Beehzy, FA5TBALLA, MRuiz, Believe, ProFeeZy
 3-4 800 Str8 Rippin SpaceLy, MajorManiak, Nagafen, Havok, Maux
Midnight Esports Charullz, Envoy, GodFormz, Performal, Remedy
 5-8 600 Revenge Brack, Demise, JetLi, Parzelion, Skilliosis
UYU Nova, Proto, Mayhem, Skyz, Spoof
Orlando Reapers TurnUp2eZ, Happy, ColeChan, MiRx, Zinx
Regginald GorgoKnight, LlamaGod, Mochila, Nelson, Swarley
9-16 400 InControl Gaming Bafundo, ChrisRadial, Ethan2Nice, GGuhnzy, Pentagrxm
wisepickups Apox, Ramby, Super, TeddyRecKs, Zaptius
Morituri eSports Archivs, Miyagi, Holler, Jimbo, Stumpfy
Reign NA Diamondcon, Stevey, Remy, CBALL, Shipping
Disrupt Gaming Eleiviate, HumanJesus, Johnny, Neod, Stamino
J4L Org DeoX, Equuip, Oog, Riviction, Previewz
NemesisGG AsssassinXJXK, Camila2RCabello, JJayto, RWPhoenix, zNegg
$Team 12/1 Element, MMelt, Rizemblence, Slawpyy, XodiiaKK

In Europe, the impressive performances from mainland European teams continued, as the Italian side of iDomina Esports defeated the Spaniards of Movistar Riders in the Grand Final.

Black Forest Games and Team Sween rounded out the top four, while The Imperial only managed top eight and the likes of Lightning Pandas and Heretics KFC posted disappointing 9th-16th place finishes. The results are as follows:

EU CWL 2K Series Dec 2-3, 2018 – Final Placements

Place Pro Points Cash Prize Team Roster
 1 2,000 $2,000 iDomina Esports Blade, Predax, Pacobey, Wartex, Infernal
 2 1,200 $500 Movistar Riders PuNi, Sammy, peLukaa, Supraaz, Oney
 3-4 800 Black Forest Games Revolt, Colgate, Detain, Keza, Insight
Team Sween QwiKeR, Weeman, Nolson, Dylan, Braaain
 5-8 600 WeGotWrektGaming D-amage, Iviano, JRezzy, Kilicius, Dexity
Overtime eSport Wailers, ZeeK, rizK, ATLAS, Breszy
Fact Revolution Cammy, Defrag, Chain, Maple, SunnyB
The Imperial Hawqeh, Denza, Moose, Reedy, Vortex
9-16 400 Heretics KFC Lucky, MethodZ, Sukry, JurNii, MeTTalZz
Gone Gaming Benji, DREAL, endurAAA, Malls, Zayrox
Lightning Pandas Alexx, Dqvee, Joshh, MadCat, Peatie
Team Divine Niall, Creza, Deleo, Nevo, Bidz
Oblivion Esports BBCONor, Chaxter, ControlDR, Horridharry, HypnoJG
Team Vertex Crnky, Giggo, Neeey, Paaqz, Vokado
Schmeckidi Schmeck Piero, Kivi, Cookie, Sharko, Phantom
Team Singularity CleanX, Lucidiical, Jambino, StiflaaR, Ohmsen

Over in the APAC region, the Grand Final once again saw Mindfreak and Tainted Minds clash. The pattern of trading wins continued, with Mindfreak toppling their rivals to win their second 2K of the season.


The top eight teams from the APAC region are as follows:

APAC CWL 2K Series Dec 2, 2018 – Final Placements

Place Pro Points Cash Prize Team Roster
 1 2,000 $500 Mindfreak BuZZO, Shockz, Fighta, Louqa, Excite
 2 1,200 Tainted Minds Nimble, Damage, Swifty, Swiftazor, Setzyy
 3-4 800 Vertex Gaming Immense, Killerpie, Zepa, Zeuss, Perko
rainbows Beastn, Pred, Astatiix, Sizzle, Liaym
 5-8 600 Vintage Black Azzi, Kytosys, Fati, Fate, Restalling
FURY Australia Lexxen, Trent, Danelk, ManySe, Zoox
Vintage Gaming Tyson, Bacabec, Cruze, Dean, Lakie
Sleeper Gaming Doosva, Entjce, Flanners, Middoh, Mifzor