Call of Duty 2020 rumored to be called ‘Black Ops Cold War’


Rumors for the next title in the series suggest that players will take a trip back to a familiar locale as the developers ramp up production for Call of Duty 2020.

Prominent CoD leaker ‘Okami’ on Twitter published a makeshift design that paid homage to the first Black Ops. The only difference is that the sub-title for the artwork is “Cold War,” suggesting that will be the title of Treyarch’s next game.

The leaker has been accurate for unannounced information in the past, including details for Warzone before the battle royale even launched, as well as the remastered version of MW2, among others.

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With rumors around the next Call of Duty already pointing to a return to the Cold War era, Okami’s tweet has once again churned the fires of speculation for the upcoming title.

According to the leaker, the moniker for the next title will be Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. This would give the Treyarch developers a ton of leeway to get back to the Black Ops roots in a big way.

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The murky and mostly political nature of the Cold War has proven to be an excellent setting for CoD’s writers in the past. A wider approach to the era of espionage and deceit would give ample room to maneuver and devise meaningful stories.

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It should be noted that Activision have been quiet this year on the next CoD. The publisher tends to build up hype as soon as May for its FPS release that usually takes the gaming industry by storm.

Though the most comforting information for fans took place on May 5, when Activision COO Daniel Alegre confirmed that CoD 2020 is still “on track for release later this year.”

There still speculation on what the next Call of Duty will be and what modes could be included.

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While gauging the reliability of leaked information like this isn’t easy, the idea that the next Black Ops title will take place in the Cold War era isn’t new. Other rumors in the CoD community have suggested the same, with some leakers even going as far as to estimate when the game’s first teasers will begin to surface.

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Some have speculated the title to be “Call of Duty: Vietnam,” claiming that the game will not be a Black Ops reboot and will follow a separate storyline that takes place during the same time period.

While that obviously conflicts with this latest rumor, there appears to be some agreement among the majority of prominent leakers that Treyarch will be taking the era of their next release back to when the first Black Ops took place.

TreyarchIt seems more and more likely that the next Call of Duty will take place during the Cold War era.

Activision have yet to even officially name which studio will take point on the project, though it’s been well-documented that Treyarch took the lead over Sledgehammer Games a year ago, with SHG and Raven Software staying on in supporting roles.

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The most promising sign that CoD 2020 is on track for its usual end-of-the-year launch window is that there’s a ton of buzz around the companies involved.

If the game is going to be called Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, then expect a teaser or some form of an announcement in the next few weeks for it to at least get a few months’ worth of hype before its release.