Call of Duty players argue multiplayer won’t improve without competition

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Many Call of Duty players now believe the online suite, specifically 6v6 multiplayer, will not improve until true competition hits the market.

For over a decade, Call of Duty has remained in a league of its own when it comes to the first-person military shooter space.

Sure, experiences such as Battlefield, Halo, and PUBG occasionally manage to shake up the status quo in this regard. None have truly contested Activision’s golden goose, however, especially not enough to impact the publisher’s bottom line.

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Some longtime fans contend this is the very reason Call of Duty’s multiplayer won’t receive significant improvements.

Modern Warfare 2 players believe Call of Duty “needs competition”

In a lengthy Reddit post, user Zakari2112 argued Call of Duty’s 6v6 multiplayer will continue to struggle because there aren’t better games to “drive players and money away from CoD/Warzone.”

The Redditor pointed out how Activision’s focus on Warzone in recent years stemmed from the meteoric rise of PUBG and its many copycats. “Warzone has more players than 6v6 and makes more money, so Warzone gets the focus,” the user added.

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As such, competition is exactly what’s needed to breathe new life into the 6v6 offering. “Hopefully, another 6v6 modern setting arcade shooter will come and gain enough popularity to hurt CoD’s bottom line.”

Based on responses in the Reddit thread, Zakari2112’s fellow Call of Duty players couldn’t agree more. A few people remarked that recent releases from both Battlefield and Halo were, unfortunately, not up to the challenge.

Meanwhile, others expressed surprise at the lack of competition Call of Duty faces in the shooter space. Asked one fan, “why are there no AAA developers trying to make a COD-style arcade FPS?”

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EA’s Medal of Honor received its fair share of shoutouts in the thread, too, with many hoping it’ll one day receive another mainline entry. Maybe then Call of Duty’s multiplayer would get the kick in the pants it needs.