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Call of Duty coming to next-gen consoles in 2020, Treyarch job listing suggests

by square1


Treyarch Studios is releasing a Call of Duty game for next generation consoles in 2020, according to a recent job listing posted on its official website.

A few days ago, a report from Kotaku said that Call of Duty: Black Ops 5 would be releasing onto next generation consoles in 2020, and would be developed by Treyarch Studios.

A recent job listing posted to Treyarch’s official website serves to back up the claim, stating, “Treyarch is seeking a Senior Tools Engineer to join our Core Engine Team to deliver a next-generation AAA title in 2020.”

The job listing confirmed a new Call of Duty title for 2020.

Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software were reportedly working on a single-player campaign set during the Cold War, but Activision decided to hand the 2020 development over to Treyarch following a rift between the two companies, though they will still assist when needed.

Will it be cross-platform?

Kotaku also reported that Blacks Ops 5 would be “cross-gen”, meaning that it’ll be available on both current and next generation systems, and suggests that it could be one of the first titles releasing for Sony’s PlayStation 5 console.

Modern Warfare was recently revealed to be cross-platform, meaning that Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC players will be playing together for the very first time, but nothing has been said about the 2020 game having the feature too.

Modern Warfare - what we know

The next installment in the Call of Duty series was announced recently after much speculation, with Infinity Ward showing off a reveal trailer on May 30.

Modern Warfare's campaign is said to be very emotional, and is based off of MW2's controversial "No Russian" mission, in which the player has to participate in a massacre in a Moscow airport.

Continuity is also a huge focus, with players being able to use guns from the campaign in the multiplayer, and vice versa.

Infinity War also revealed that players will control an Arab soldier for half of the campaign, as well as rebel fighters and other characters different from Tier One operators.