“Busted” Black Ops Cold War guns are taking over Warzone after Season 4 buffs

Warzone Black Ops Cold War weaponsActivision

With the community settling into Warzone Season 4 following another major balance pass, players have quickly grown agitated over the dominance of Black Ops Cold War guns due to recent attachment buffs.

Over the past few months, Warzone’s ever-growing arsenal has seen some considerable adjustments. At the start of Season 3, the battle royale was hit with a litany of weapon changes along with hefty attachment buffs.

What followed in May’s mid-season patch was the biggest change to Sniper Rifles thus far along with even more attachment boosts. Now, players are just growing accustomed to further tweaks in the new Season 4 update. Following the trend, certain attachments were improved once again.

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Throughout this period of frequent change, players spotted one common factor: Black Ops Cold War guns were almost always the target of buffs.

As a result, many Call of Duty players argue we’ve now reached a point where “Cold War guns overshadow” their less-powerful Modern Warfare equivalents.

Warzone Black Ops Cold War integrationActivision
Black Ops Cold War’s weapons have only grown stronger while Modern Warfare’s remain stagnant.

When Cold War first integrated with Warzone, it was described as a way to expand the game’s weapons list. Instead, players believe Treyarch’s gun set has become “busted” and outright “better” than Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare set.

Rather than providing alternatives, Warzone’s focus is “currently on Cold War,” according to Reddit user ‘Watsoncp1.’

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“We all love Modern Warfare, but it’s just the natural progression here. Modern Warfare will be sunsetted in the future, we should all expect this.”

In a detailed breakdown, ‘aliarrrr’ outlined how the aforementioned attachment changes are the reason behind this disparity. From Cold War Magazines not penalizing movement like Modern Warfare’s, to various Stocks simply being “miles better” for Cold War guns, buffs have added up over the months.

“Cold War weapons are better than their Modern Warfare equivalents because Cold War attachments are busted,” they said. 

In a separate comparison of Cold War barrels, ‘pathmt’ showcased a drastic difference in recoil between guns. “Go ahead and tell me this is even remotely balanced,” they said, highlighting the FARA 83’s dominance over the Grau.

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“Cold War guns harshly lowered the Time To Kill and made Modern Warfare guns obsolete,” another player chimed in. “This new barrel buff only worsens the issue, giving them not only faster TTK, but also better recoil control.”

Ultimately, it’s clear that Cold War weapons have seen more love in recent patches than Modern Warfare’s. Perhaps future improvements are on the way to bring them back in line. Or maybe we are headed towards a ‘sunsetting’ update that rotates them out entirely.

Only time will tell but as we draw closer to Vanguard in 2021, another huge set of weapons is on the way to further complicate the meta.

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