Broken Warzone stim bug returns before $300k World Series of Warzone event

Stim shot in WarzoneActivision

The World Series of Warzone begins on August 12, yet a stim bugs and cheating allegations shroud the illustrious tournament in doubt.

$300,000 is up for grabs in the World Series of Warzone, featuring talent from North America and Europe. Qualifiers run from August 12-21.

Activision opted to host open-to-the-public qualifying matches for the World Series of Warzone, which resulted in accusations of cheating.

Players reported competitors farming free kills and stream sniping, among a litany of other complaints.

The Warzone stim glitch gives players an added speed boost and, in some instances, infinite health during gunfights. Unfortunately, the dreaded glitch appears to be affecting WSOW matches.

Stim glitch impacts World Series of Warzone

Warzone stimActivision
The Stim glitch has long been one of the most controversial bugs in Warzone.

Warzone competitor Entervene posted a clip utilizing the stim bug to earn a kill during a WSOW scrim match.

The official description for the stim is a “military stimulant that cauterizes combat wounds and refreshes tactical sprint.

On paper, the stim should act as a quick fix and nothing more, but players abuse it to unfairly win gun battles and become nearly impossible to take down.

Activision briefly removed stims from the game, but the issues remained after they were brought back.

ModernWarzone responded, “you were one shot and got hit with a solid 5 more bullets while it kept regenerating your health.”

Ironically, Entervene downed Warzone streamer FaZe Booya in the clip.

The clip is up to over 21,000 views as of writing, and the reception in the comments is overwhelmingly positive.

One Warzone player responded, “I’m speechless. Booya got put in a mixtape.”

Despite players singing the Warzone competitor’s praises, the stim did not act as intended and could potentially be a significant issue during the $300,000 WSOW finals.