“Broken” Warzone exploit lets you detonate C4 without taking damage

Warzone vehicle gameplayInfinity Ward

An extremely powerful and “broken” Warzone exploit is allowing players to wipe out enemy vehicles without taking a single point of damage in return.

It’s safe to say that vehicles are among the most important aspects of a good Warzone run. Without a car to get around, you can be picked off from a distance and miss out on valuable loot. However, they also come with their fair share of issues.

They were completely pulled from the battle royale on September 6 as a game-breaking bug crashed lobbies. Vehicles are now in the spotlight once again due to another “broken” exploit that’s ruining the experience for plenty.

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If you’re able to get in close proximity to another player or even a full squad, you can instantly wipe them without taking a hit. Here’s what you need to look out for.

The latest issue has supposedly been in effect for the past “four seasons,” according to Reddit user ‘DarkOcf.’ It wasn’t quite public knowledge so they were keeping it under wraps. Now that it’s come to light, however, they were willing to share.

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If you place C4 on any vehicle other than a helicopter, you can then ram into enemy vehicles, detonate, and wipe them out. There’s no telling why, but for some reason, the game doesn’t deal damage to the driver. When the explosions go off, enemy teams can be insta-killed in the blink of an eye. Meanwhile, you’ll walk away from the impact without so much as a scratch.

“Just throw C4 on your vehicle and when you get close enough to blow yourself up, [the] explosion does not kill you,” they explained.

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Various clips throughout the video showcase just how powerful the exploit can be. Entire squads can be removed from the match without any opportunity to fight back. All while you keep your vehicle and move on to the next area.

It’s clearly an unintended bug, though that’s not the worst of it. This powerful effect also works when Trophy Systems are in the mix. Even if the opposing vehicle has a Trophy on the roof of their car, this explosion ignores it.

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Warzone gameplayInfinity Ward
Make sure you don’t try this exploit with a helicopter as it simply won’t work.

Infinity Ward is yet to address the issue, despite it allegedly being in Warzone for multiple seasons now. With examples coming to the surface, however, perhaps it’ll land on their radar in the near future.

Season 6 is just a few days away. With enough public backlash, this game-breaking exploit could just be removed in the next big seasonal patch.

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