“Broken” Warzone 2 skin makes Riot Shields completely useless

calisto operator in modern warfare 2 and warzone 2Activision

Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 players have been very disappointed after noticing that a popular Operator skin is rendering Riot Shields completely useless.

While most complaints regarding skins and cosmetic add-ons in Call of Duty center around making certain items pay to win, this is almost doing the opposite, as a paid-for Calisto skin is, for some reason, not quite operating right when using a Riot Shield, a particularly popular choice of weaponry in Warzone 2.

As anyone who has played Call of Duty knows, a Riot Shield is the most frustrating thing to come up against, a haven for trolls looking to frustrate their opponents, as they’re so annoying to try to counter.

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However, with this skin, the shield doesn’t quite do the job as intended.

As pointed out by iliark on Reddit, the Violent in Violet Calisto skin — part of the Purple Jolt bundle — doesn’t mesh with the Riot Shield too well, with Calisto’s head still being easy to see as it hovers above the top of the equipment.

This means players with reasonable accuracy can simply aim for your head if you’re using the skin and have no issues.

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Obviously, if you’ve seen opponents using a Riot Shield at all in either battle royale or multiplayer, this definitely isn’t normal, and the shield is meant to cover your character model all over.

Whether there are other skins like this is not yet clear, but needless to say, if you plan on running around with a Riot Shield, we would advise avoiding Calisto and her Violent in Violet skin.