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Broken Swiss K31 Warzone scope is making players miss shots completely

Published: 16/Jul/2021 11:28

by Jacob Hale


The Season 4 Reloaded update saw over 40 weapon changes arrive in Warzone. SMGs were nerfed across the board, a number of assault rifles saw various buffs and nerfs and, in one major cosmetic change, the Swiss K31 base reticle was altered.

One of the main complaints of the Cold War sniper rifle has always been its base reticle, which featured a thick, upwards-pointing arrow that wasn’t always easy to track opponents with.

With the big update, it’s now changed to be more closely aligned with how other snipers look, with a thin crosshair-style reticle that’s far more visually appealing.


The only problem is that it’s come out slightly broken and makes players miss shots that should be hitting.

cold war swiss k31
The Swiss K31 sniper rifle has become a solid off-meta pick in Verdansk.

With the Swiss already being one of the more popular snipers in Warzone, plenty of players wanted to try it out with its new look — and found themselves quickly disappointed.

After a lot of curiosity over missed shots, or headshots that only resulted in a loss of shields, players realized that the new reticle is actually misaligned or completely broken.

One example of this came from YouTuber Stodeh, who shared screenshots of his reticle aiming straight in on an enemy’s head, followed by another of the bullet several pixels lower on the screen.


This follows several posts across Twitter, Reddit and various social media sites with players complaining about the new Swiss reticle, and feeling like it isn’t aligned properly.

Raven have yet to comment on the issue but will presumably be running some tests to see what the issue is with the Swiss K31, and how they can fix it.