“Broken” FiNN Warzone loadout will have enemies convinced you’re cheating

An image of the FiNN Chainsaw LMG in WarzoneActivision

Warzone is difficult enough these days, as cheaters and glitches run rampant. This seemingly “broken” FiNN loadout might just convince players you’re exploiting the game too. 

Since the FiNN LMG was introduced into Warzone, players have consistently found fresh and innovative ways to crush players with its power.

Various meta builds have come and gone, but now the FiNN is creeping its way back into the rotation, and some enemies might think it’s for the wrong reasons.

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If you fancy creating a truly disgusting FiNN loadout, then this iteration will do just the trick.

FiNN LMG in WarzoneActivision
LMG’s like the FiNN are viable again in Warzone.

FiNN Chainsaw loadout can dominate Warzone

Showcased by CoD YouTuber Braderz in his January 8 video, the content creator blasted multiple enemies away with ease. Causing immense confusion over enemy hot-mics, this powerful FiNN Chainsaw loadout is so crazy it barely appears properly within the game.

With barely any recoil stopping Braderz in his tracks, this FiNN setup manages to put rival players down within 21 bullets. He even pointed out that enemies believe the setup looks like you’re cheating because the weapon barely appears on-screen.

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To build this monstrous weapon yourself, you’ll need the following attachments for this particular FiNN Chainsaw loadout:

  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
  • Barrel: FTAC VC-8 Harrier Adverse
  • Laser: Tac Laser
  • Stock: XRK Chainsaw
  • Perk: Sleight of Hand

Man I totally forgot about the Chainsaw Finn. When it dropped I left MW for about a month because of how broken it was. Looks like it’s still insane,” said commenter Thee_Advo. 

Warzone still continues to find itself in an odd place with players, as the game is constantly plagued by annoying glitches and multiple issues.

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Despite the launch of the Pacific-themed Caldera in December 2021, players are still diving back into Rebirth Island to find some semblance of fun in Raven Software’s shooter.

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