Brilliant Warzone trick completely counters getting stuck by Thermite

Thermites in WarzoneActivision

Clever Warzone players have come up with a genius solution to absolutely counter Thermite grenades and the rest of the community is picking it up and running with it. 

Thermites are a popular way of initiating a fight in Warzone. Enemies will do their best to catch players unaware and land a quick stick on them to soften them up ahead of the real fight.

However. it turns out that there’s an easy way to turn the tables and catch them off guard in return.

How to counter getting stuck by Thermites in Warzone

call of duty warzone pacific trophy systemActivision
The Trophy System is the key to living a long and healthy life in Warzone.

The counter is actually incredibly simple. Since these grenades physically stick to you (without blowing up like a Semtex) that means that a Trophy System will completely solve the problem.

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All you have to do is drop the trophy down immediately after getting stuck to purge the burning effect completely and get back into the fight.

As seen in the video above, being quick on the draw can make all of the difference in an incoming gunfight and might even save your life entirely.

The earlier that the trophy goes down the better, but this trick will still work up until the grenade naturally expires.

Not only will this allow you to retain more health, but it also cures the frustrating ticking and sizzling sensations and sounds that make hearing anything else in the game a struggle.

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If you have a trophy already placed down there’s no chance the Thermite will even hit you in the first place, but this is a solid backup for someone who has missed that boat.