Booty-slapping Warzone streamer hits wild heart-rate numbers on Twitch

Theo Salaun
warzone streamer heart rate repullze
Activision / Twitch, Repullze

It turns out that playing video games and streaming on Twitch may be more dangerous than we thought, as Warzone streamer Repullze has revealed some absurd heart-rate levels he’s hit during… passionate sessions.

Repullze is known for several things. Some know him because they think he’s subscriber-botting his way to the top of Twitch. Some know him because he took 2nd place in the World Series of Warzone. And some just know him as the guy who slaps his own derriere in the middle of Superstore.

Whether you watch him for the Warzone gameplay or his DJ sessions with chat to celebrate subs, it’s clear that Repullze has a lot of energy. But now he’s shared data that shows just how intense his streams can get.

After a July 15 stream, Repullze shared his fitness tracker data on Twitter. Doctors say going past 80% of your maximum heart rate is dangerous. That makes him a dangerous man, because he hit… 89.2%.

WebMD says a 174 heart rate is concerning so we had to check on Hector and make sure he’s feeling fine. The streamer didn’t seem too worried: “I get a little wild sometimes.”

When asked what’s behind those spikes in his heart rate and calorie-burning, he explained that “those spikes are 100% me DJing” and that when “chat goes crazy, I burn more calories.” 

To put into context just how many calories chat helps him burn — he shed 274.3 calories per half hour to start that stream and the average calories burnt in a half hour of basketball is 295. The man takes esport athlete to a whole other level.

While the majority of Hector’s stream is spent playing Warzone with the Baka Bros, he also goes wild for his subs and often DJs his shout-outs into songs. That, plus jumping booty slaps, might explain the fitness numbers.

As for what’s next, we asked if he’s ready to compete with streamers like MuTeX and ZLaner in the unique stream setup game. Apparently Repullze is considering adding an overlay for his heart rate and burnt calories.

That would probably be appreciated by his doctor, who might ask Twitch chat to keep an eye on those HR levels. Who knows, maybe viewers will even ask him to play some classical music sometimes.