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Call of Duty Blackout’s Hot Pursuit has changed and players can’t understand why

Published: 3/Jul/2019 10:49 Updated: 3/Jul/2019 12:29

by Paul Cot


Call of Duty Blackout’ Hot Pursuit mode has been a fan favorite since day one but its popularity hasn’t stopped Treyarch from changing it, and not every player is too happy with the decision. 

Hot Pursuit’s success can be attributed to catering to those who felt the core Blackout mode can be a little slow at times, while still maintaining the core concept of battle royale, albeit loosely.

This balance kept regular intervals of players returning to action while keeping the play area not overcrowded. It was a balance that kept squads coming back for more in their search for their Blackout fix.

TreyarchOperation Grand Heist, along with Hot Pursuit, came to Call of Duty Black Ops 4 in February…

Unwanted changes

However, that’s the problem, it was balanced. Since the July 2 Black Ops 4 update the mode has changed and suffice to say players aren’t happy with the changes.

According to the Black Ops 4 July 2 patch notes the only change in Hot Pursuit is a fifth collapse being added. However, there are other changes and it’s not clear whether these are intentional or not.

Blackout players don’t like it when Hot Pursuit isn’t a playlist…

One of the most popular parts of Hot Pursuit is the intermittent redeploys which, of course, allows killed players to quickly get back in the game. The time between them varies, but invariably they are two or three minutes apart – until now.

There appears to be only two respawn windows, meaning players can only respawn a maximum of twice. In turn, this takes away arguably the biggest selling point the mode has to offer – the frequency you can respawn and get back into the action.

If you die at the wrong time, getting back in the game can take over five and a half minutes – a long time to rely on your teammates to stay alive!

Blackout players not happy

Redditor FinnMerkel shared this sentiment saying: “Why did you increase the redeploy times in hot pursuit? Nobody wants to stay in game and watch for 4 or 5 minutes before redeployment. Who thought players would enjoy that? Who thought that sounded fun? Ruined the best game mode you have.”


Elsewhere, Coulson1990 was more blunt in their criticism: “The 5th collapse in hot pursuit is a terrible change”.


Easelm noticed a bigger problem though, players actually dying upon respawning. “Hot Pursuit is completely ruined. Instead of 3 iterations, it’s a full 6 circle iterations & people die in end-game because redeploy is outside circle.”

The primary focus tended to be on the excessive redeploy times however, with one example being Twitter user Josh Ford complaining: “3-1/2 minutes for redeploy on hot pursuit?! Really treyarch?! Jesus.”

Hot Pursuit was added to Black Ops 4 as part of Operation Grand Heist, giving players a chance to experience a fast-paced version of the core Blackout game – introducing police cars with UAV and sports cars with the ability to find stashes and care packages. 

Since then, it has gone on to become arguably the most popular Blackout mode. It became so popular that it continued to feature in Blackout playlists long after Operation Grand Heist came its conclusion.

Hot Pursuit’s success can be attributed to catering to those who felt the core Blackout mode can be a little slow at times, while still maintaining the core concept of battle royale, albeit loosely.

Many fans will be hoping that Treyarch take this feedback on board and revert Hot Pursuit back to its original state, but whether or not that will actually happen remains to be seen. 

Call of Duty

Another Warzone streamer shows hacks live on Twitch stream

Published: 24/Oct/2020 22:27

by Theo Salaun


Like clockwork, another Call of Duty: Warzone streamer has exposed their in-game cheats while playing live on Twitch. And this time, the cheater did not take kindly to chat quickly trashing him.

Hackers have been the biggest issue in Warzone; with cross-play enabled between PC and console players for the first time, the CoD fanbase has been exposed to even greater levels of cheating than ever before.

Going by ‘festation’ on Twitch, yet another streamer has outed themselves as a cheater on the platform by displaying their hacks while broadcasting live. In this case, they were quickly called out on Twitter and in the chat, leading to deleted clips and a switch to Black Ops 4 gameplay.

With Twitch chat flaming him for being bad at Modern Warfare and Warzone even with hacks activated, festation proceeded to let them know that he is elite on Black Ops 4 and challenged them to 1v1 matches. He then switched over to the earlier CoD title, but not before his hacks were clipped and shipped across the internet.

As shown in the clip, downloaded before its inevitable deletion on Twitch, festation is rolling around Verdansk while knowing precisely where every single opponent is on the map. He can see players, color-coded based on their health, with a structural indication of their character model’s movement through walls.

Similarly, he also has indicators for guns, cash, and armor found throughout the map. Unfortunately for him, that sort of unfair game awareness doesn’t equate to the IQ that matters, as he is easily blown up by a Cluster Strike at one point.

This is likely why Twitch chat laid into him even more, as fans typically shame hackers for remaining inferior at the game even when gaining an unfair advantage. 

Part of the reason why he gained a decent amount of viewers on Twitch was likely because of getting exposed on Twitter. Concerned fans of the battle royale went so far as to reply to a random TimTheTatMan tweet to try and bring attention to the blatant hacking.

In response, new viewers could enjoy seeing the cheater switch over to BO4 and continue to struggle while throwing out challenges to his detractors in chat: “Get on Black Ops 4, watch me smack any of you on Hardpoint.”

This is far from the first time a streamer has been exposed for cheating. In the past, one accidentally displayed his hacks while another purposefully tried to show his off. As of yet, neither Infinity Ward nor Twitch appear to have banned festation, but repercussions seem likely following this exposure.