Call of Duty

BLACKOUT Battle Royale Comes to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 With A Combination of Previous Black Ops Maps, Characters, and More

by Ross Deason


Perhaps the biggest announcement to come out of the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 reveal came when the developers announced "Blackout" - an all new Battle Royale game.

The Battle Royale phenomenon has taken the world of gaming by storm over the last two years and now the Call of Duty franchise has decided to get involved.


Rumors about Black Ops 4 featuring a Battle Royale mode have been leaking for multiple months but some fans of the franchise have doubted that it would work.

Well, if the reveal of Blackout is anything to go by, those doubters could not have been more wrong. Black Ops 4's Battle Royale mode looks absolutely incredible.


The Blackout mode will bring together all of your favorite maps, equipment, characters, and more from previous Treyarch titles and put them into a massive map (1500 times bigger than Nuketown) to fight one another.

It looks like vehicles, including helicopters and RCXD remote control cars, will also be included in the game to make it one of the biggest Call of Duty projects in history.

The news about Blackout got the biggest cheer of the entire reveal and it certainly sounds like it could end up being a massive success.

With the reveal also noting that Black Ops 4 will focus more on PC users, the thoughts of playing Blackout on PC (or perhaps even cross-platform) will have millions of players salivating.

The official trailer for Blackout can be found below.