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‘Blacklisted’ Warzone pro calls for Activision to let him compete again

Published: 14/Apr/2022 11:22

by Jacob Hale


A professional Warzone player who was allegedly blacklisted from tournaments after sexism accusations were levied against him has appealed to Activision to let him compete once again.

In September 2021, Chandler ‘ClutchBelk’ Belk faced a litany of backlash after an interaction with New York Subliners Warzone star Swish, in which his mods and apparently even his mom made personal attacks against her.

Since then, Belk has not been invited to play in Activision-sanctioned Warzone tournaments and he has been rumored to have been blacklisted entirely by the publisher.

Now, he’s asking for a second chance and to be let back in to get his playing career back underway.


“Would love a timeframe as to when I am eligible to compete again @Activision,” he posted on April 12, directly asking the Call of Duty publisher. “2nd chances are a beautiful thing in life. I’ve bettered myself & want a chance at proving I will do better.”

While Activision themselves obviously didn’t respond to Belk, one person did respond saying that he should apologize to Swish for what happened.

She responded, saying that Belk blocked her and that “I do believe in second chances and that people can better themselves and grow from their past but I never got a genuine apology or direct message.”


Belk has competed in various Warzone tournaments since, but he has been absent from a number of big ones that he would possibly otherwise have played in.

Whether Belk’s removal from Warzone tournaments is a permanent thing, or if Activision has a timeframe in mind, remains to be seen. But he’s definitely keen on getting back to playing and earning his stripes.