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Black Ops Cold War players frustrated over “misleading” Season 5 battle pass

Published: 15/Aug/2021 12:39

by Joe Craven


A number of Black Ops Cold War players appear frustrated by Season Five battle pass, which they claim is misleading and inhibits players from getting the sought-after Kyubi skin. 

Black Ops Cold War Season Five dropped on August 13, bringing a plethora of new content and adjustments to Treyarch’s 2020 title.

As has become the standard for Call of Duty titles, the new season brought an exhaustive battle pass, offering players skins, calling cards, emblems, as well as the new EM2 assault rifle and TEC 9 submachine gun.

While the battle pass has been well received for its content, players are disappointed for its apparently misleading marketing of the Kyubi Kitsune Skin.


BOCW WZ Season 5 Battle Pass
The Kyubi skin disappears on August 31.

The feline assassin look is awesome, and is only available in Black Ops Cold War for a limited time.

However, some players have been left disappointed after buying the battle pass, only to realize that they cannot acquire the Kyubi skin if they have already purchased the seasonal pass.

Redditor ‘Chillenge‘ drew attention to the problems, explaining that players who want the Kyubi skin must not purchase the regular 1000 CoD Point battle pass. Doing so does not unlock the Kyubi skin, which comes as part of a 2400 CoD Point bundle.

“Getting the 1000 CP regular Battle Pass does not unlock limited time Kyubi skin,” they warned. “If you want this skin, YOU NEED to get the 2400 Battle Pass bundle with Tier Skip in order to unlock this skin.”


Fans were left frustrated when realizing the only way to get the Kyubi skin is to purchase a bundle over twice the price of the standard battle pass, which comes with 25 tier skips.

Some players referred to Activision’s decision as “greedy” and “misleading”, while another hit out at the fact that the details of the Kyubi skin were included in the patch notes – somewhere players may not think to look for information on skins.

Others defended Activision, though, saying that a bonus skin should be available at extra cost.

Regardless, many were left disappointed at the limited ways to acquire the awesome skin, as well as the lack of clarity surrounding it.