Black Ops Cold War players frustrated after old Black Ops 4 scorestreak bug appears again

Black Ops Cold War gameplayActivision

While Black Ops Cold War might be the latest release in the Call of Duty franchise, players have uncovered a critical Gunship bug that still hasn’t been fixed from 2018’s Black Ops 4.

With a new CoD releasing every single year, there’s a ton of content to produce in a small window. With hundreds of developers pumping out new campaigns, multiplayer maps, and everything in between, it’s no surprise that some of it is occasionally flawed.

Amusing bugs and frustrating issues have been rather common since Black Ops Cold War released on November 13. Though most of these problems revolve around fresh content in the new game.

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The latest critical bug is one that actually came to light two years ago. When calling in a Gunship killstreak in Black Ops Cold War, there’s a chance you see an identical bug from Black Ops 4.

“I remember posting about this exact same glitch back in Black Ops 4,” Redditor ‘Pony_Baloney’ said on December 29. A veteran pub stomper that’s all too familiar with high-end killstreaks, they pointed out an issue with the Gunship.

“Sometimes when you call in the Gunship your character will immediately close the laptop,” they explained. All of your efforts tallying kills to get the most expensive killstreak in the game can be wiped away in a split second. The Gunship springs into action before being put away just moments later.

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As it turns out, this exact same bug also impacted the Gunship from time to time in Black Ops 4. A post from the same player two years prior showcased the glitch in action. Clearly, it’s identical to the problem found in Black Ops Cold War.

“I submitted this bug report several times throughout 2018, and as a long-time COD player it’s honestly disappointing.”

Treyarch is yet to address the incredibly dated problem. Given how the full Black Ops 4 cycle came and went without a fix, there’s a chance the same might happen here.

“Seems to happen most frequently when getting multiple gunships in a single game,” they added back in 2018. So if you’re constantly topping the scoreboards in pubs, you might want to think twice before calling in multiple Gunships.

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