Black Ops Cold War multiplayer: trailer, gameplay, weapons, maps, more


At long last, the multiplayer for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has been fully revealed, including the official trailer and details about a lot of the game’s aspects, such as maps, modes, guns, and more.

September 9 was a date that a lot of Call of Duty fans were looking forward to as Activision and Treyarch finally revealed the multiplayer side of things for the upcoming Black Ops Cold War title.

While we’ll have to wait for the game’s beta and then the full release to get details about everything that’s in the MP, the current alpha version of BOCW has already revealed a lot about what will be included.

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Black Ops Cold War multiplayer reveal trailer


Maps are arguably the most important aspect of CoD because they get heavily factored in when judging how good the game’s multiplayer is. So far, five maps have been confirmed for BOCW, including Miami, gameplay on which had been leaked several days before this reveal event.

  • Armada 
  • Crossroads 
  • Miami 
  • Satellite 
  • Moscow

Here’s some gameplay of Hardpoint on the new “Sattelite” map:


As per usual, BOCW multiplayer will feature a plethora of modes and playlists; here are the ones that have been confirmed so far:

  • Combined Arms (five-flag Domination)
  • VIP
  • Hardpoint
  • Kill Confirmed
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Control

Here’s a look at some gameplay from a VIP match on the Miami map:


You can’t have a Call of Duty game without an extensive list of weapons, and judging by what we’ve already seen so far, Black Ops Cold War doesn’t disappoint.

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12 primary guns have already been confirmed, including three assault rifles, three SMGs, two tactical rifles, two light machine guns (LMGs), and two sniper rifles.

Primary weapons

  • Assault Rifles
    • XM4 
    • Krig 6 
    • AK-47 
  • SMGs
    • MP5 
    • Type 821 
    • AK-74u 
  • Tactical Rifles
    • M16 
    • Type 63 
  • Light Machine Guns 
    • RPD 
    • Stoner 63
  • Sniper Rifles
    • LW3-Tundra 
    • Pelington 703

In addition, five secondary weapons have also been revealed: two pistols, one launcher, and two shotguns. Yes, you read that right, shotguns are back to being secondaries in multiplayer, just like how they were in Black Ops 4.

Secondary weapons

  • Pistols 
    • 1911
    • Diamatti 
  • Shotguns 
    • Hauer 77 
    • Gallo SA12 
  • Launchers
    • Cigma 2
Infinity WardThe MP5 SMG will be returning in Black Ops Cold War.


Perks can make a huge difference in each loadout, and choosing which ones to have equipped really depends on the style of play you want to go with when using each particular class.

Nine total perks have been confirmed – three from each category – including the return of Dead Silence, which is called Ninja in this game. Dead Silence was available in Modern Warfare but as a Field Upgrade, a decision that many in the player-base did not agree with when it was first announced.

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  • Perk 1: 
    • Engineer – Detect Enemy equipment & scorestreaks through walls 
    • Tactical Mask – Maximized resistance to Flashing and Stun grenade. Immune to gas. 
    • Flak Jacket – Take less damage from enemy explosives and Molotov fires. 
  • Perk 2: 
    • Scavenger – Replenish ammo from fallen players 
    • Quartermaster – Recharge equipment over 25 seconds 
    • Tracker – See imprint of enemy footsteps. Aim at enemies to reveal them on your team’s mini-map. 
  • Perk 3: 
    • Cold Blooded – AI-controlled Scorestreaks will not target you. Player-controlled scorestreaks will not highlight you. Show up cold on Thermal. Players in vehicles won’t see your nameplates. 
    • Ghost – Undetectable by enemy Spy Planes whenever you are moving, planting, or defusing bombs, or controlling Scorestreaks.
    • Ninja – Sprint more quietly. Resistant to Field Mic.
Infinity WardDead Silence is going back to being a perk in Black Ops Cold War after Modern Warfare featured it as a Field Upgrade.

Equipment and Field Upgrades

Speaking of Field Upgrades, they were first introduced in Modern Warfare and will be returning again in BOCW. For those not familiar with how they work, they are essentially pieces of equipment that are stronger than regular lethals and tacticals but can only be obtained after a specific recharge time, not every time you spawn in.

  • Proximity Mine – Throwable mine, explodes shortly after one enemy runs or drives over it. Can be avoided by crouching. Destroys any vehicle that runs over it. 
    • Recharge Time: 2:00 
  • Sam Turret – Launches missiles at enemy air scorestreaks and player-piloted helicopters.
    • Recharge Time: 3:45 
  • Jammer – Creates an electronic disruption field, disabling enemy Field Upgrades and degrading enemy mini-map information. 
    • Recharge Time: 2:30 
  • Field Mic – Deploys a recording device that highlights enmity sounds on your mini-map 
    • Recharge Time: 3:15

Of course, there will also be regular equipment to have in your class – lethals and tacticals – four of which have been confirmed for Cold War.

  • Tactical
    • Smoke Grenade 
    • Stun Grenade 
  • Lethal 
    • Frag 
    • C4
Infinity WardProximity Mines, which were lethals in Modern Warfare, will be Field Upgrades in Black Ops Cold War.

As far as how the create-a-class system will work, make sure to check out our Black Ops Cold War loadout info page, which also has details about Wildcards, the Gunsmith, and more.

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Additional features

Here are some more tidbits if info about BOCW multiplayer, directly from Treyarch’s official blog post:

  • Yes, the traditional mini-map is back! Non-suppressed gunfire will show up as a red dot on the map for all players, just like old times.
  • Time-to-kill is slightly faster compared to Black Ops 4.
  • Auto health regeneration has returned to ensure players can focus on gunplay and movement.
  • Unlimited sprint confirmed! Players can sprint through the battlefield without losing momentum, and each sprint now starts with a small burst of speed that settles into normal sprint speed, helping you to get out of sticky situations quickly.
  • Sliding now naturally transitions into to a tactical crouched position for more controlled and realistic movement patterns.
  • Players can toggle several HUD elements in Settings, including the ability to see health bars over enemies and allies.
  • Players can edit their loadouts mid-match without having to leave the game.
  • We know you’re eager to hear more about Black Ops Cold War’s progression system, and we’ll have additional details to share in the coming weeks.

Of course, as mentioned above, all of this was confirmed from the alpha build of the game that was shown during the multiplayer reveal event. There will be a lot more available when the beta and full versions of the game come out.

Black Ops Cold War is set to release on November 13 for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Activision have said that the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions will be available as soon as the next-gen consoles are rolled out.

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