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Black Ops Cold War leak reveals return of old-school AUG rifle

Published: 9/Nov/2020 21:23

by Tanner Pierce


Older Call of Duty fans might be in for a treat, as a notable CoD leaker has revealed that the classic Black Ops 1 assault rifle, the AUG, might be making an appearance in the upcoming Black Ops Cold War multiplayer,

While Black Ops Cold War is introducing a number of new and exciting features to the franchise, it’s also bringing back a number of nostalgic weapons from previous games. Given that it’s a direct sequel to Black Ops 1, it makes sense that these weapons would be making an appearance.

Thanks to the BOCW Alpha and the Beta, we know that the game will feature classic guns like the M16, the Spas-12 (now called the Gallo SA12), the MP5, the 1911 pistol, and more, alongside newer guns.

Based on new leaks, it appears that Treyarch has added another old-school gun to the game and it’s sure to make some assault rifle savants very happy.

While a variant of the weapon made an appearance in Modern Warfare 2, the AUG was made famous by Black Ops 1.

Thanks to a leaked image from prominent CoD dataminer, TheGhostofMW2, we now know that the old-school-style AUG assault rifle from BO1 is likely to be making an appearance in Black Ops Cold War.

The image seems to show the AUG with its unique scope just like how it appears in the first game. Unfortunately, no video is available, so it’s unknown what the recoil patterns, ammo capacity, or attachments are like on the original version.

If it’s anything like its BO1 counterpart, though, it’s going to be a beast, since it was one of the game’s more popular choices in multiplayer.

The weapon has made appearances in one way or another in a couple other CoD titles.

Before its debut in BO1, an LMG variant of the AUG made an appearance in Modern Warfare 2 (2009), while an SMG variant showed up in 2019’s Modern Warfare reboot, and subsequently, Warzone.

In Black Ops 1, the AUG was known for its high-fire rate and low recoil, which made it very formidable. While there’s no telling how it’ll perform in this game, there’s no doubt that it’ll be a blast of the past for old-school players.

Call of Duty

Warzone devs confirm secret nerfs to Cold War suppressors will be reverted

Published: 25/Feb/2021 21:47 Updated: 25/Feb/2021 21:56

by Theo Salaun


Fans of Call of Duty: Warzone will be pleased to know that Season 2’s secret nerfs to the Agency Suppressor and other Black Ops Cold War silencers will be reverted very soon.

As soon as the clock hit zero, tons of Warzone players eagerly logged on for some late-night, Season 2 action. Intrigued by a mysterious ghost ship, an assortment of zombies, new ground loot and two brand-new guns… players became surprised by an unsavory change: weaker Cold War guns.

While the Agency Suppressor was originally weak at range, then buffed to fit in line with Modern Warfare’s Monolithic Suppressor, the attachment’s strength appeared to have been weakened in Season 2.

Murmurings spread around the community quickly, with content creator JGOD then confirming what many had begun suspecting — the Agency Suppressor actually hurts your bullet velocity (again). Fortunately, devs have quickly responded and confirmed that this will be reverted.

As JGOD explores in his video, the new update does ensure that in-game descriptions of attachment values are actually reflective of what they do in the game. So attachments that claim to help bullet velocity will actually do so, which was not the case in the past.

The downside, though, is that this means that the hidden buffs to the Agency Suppressor’s bullet velocity (as seen with the FFAR 1) are now reflective of the attachment information. So, as the game says, bullet velocity is now nerfed.

An immediate detriment, the Monolithic Suppressor was considered the go-to Warzone attachment because velocity buffs ensured players could be more effective at hitting shots on the large map. By reverting the buffs to make the Agency Suppressor similar to Monolithic, the update effectively nerfs all ranged Cold War guns.

As Raven Software tweeted within a day of the new update going live, Agency, Gru and Wrapped Suppressors will be reverted “to their former glory in the next hotfix.” 

This likely means that, in line with the Monolithic Suppressor, these suppressors will enjoy a bullet velocity buff — making them more effective at range and much more viable. 

While it may be frustrating for fans to know that these buffs and nerfs aren’t reflected in the patch notes, one can only hope that the new emphasis on transparency in the in-game attachment descriptions will be reflected in the new hot fix. That could be a huge help, as fans will no longer need to test things out themselves to figure out what attachments truly do.