Black Ops Cold War leak reveals every map to expect in the beta


The Black Ops Cold War beta is almost upon us and an early leak has given us our first glimpse at the maps we can expect to see in the upcoming test.

A recent alpha test gave the Call of Duty community its first opportunity to go hands-on with Treyarch’s next big release. While it was short-lived and exclusive to the PlayStation 4, everyone will soon have access to an upcoming beta.

Kicking off on October 8, a ton of changes and improvements have already been teased. However, one aspect that’s been kept under wraps is just what modes and maps we can expect. The alpha featured five maps that spanned six game modes. Three were standard multiplayer maps, while two were restricted for bigger battles only in the new Combined Arms playlist.

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Will all of the same locations be making a return in the beta? Will Treyarch add any more maps to the mix? While there’s sure to be some surprises along the way, an early leak may have answers to these questions already.

Black Ops Cold War MiamiTreyarch
The Black Ops Cold War alpha featured five maps in total.

Previous leaks have outlined a bunch of original Black Ops maps returning with the full release. Meanwhile, other details have slipped through the cracks to reveal a number of specific Zombies maps coming soon. Though multiplayer maps have been somewhat of a mystery.

Miami, Moscow, Satellite, Armada, and Crossroads were the five maps featured in the alpha test. Based on new files from prominent leaker ‘BKTOOR,’ we can expect to see most of these return in the beta. The standard multiplayer maps – Miami, Moscow, and Satellite – all appear to be locked in for the next playable iteration of the game.

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On top of these familiar maps, a handful of fresh names were also among the leaked files. Black Sea, Cartel, and Tundra are the new labels spotted ahead of the Cold War beta. These are all brand new, meaning that three new multiplayer maps could be expected for the upcoming test.

However, do take this with a grain of salt. There’s also a chance that these labels aren’t entirely accurate. Armada was an alpha map set out in the North Atlantic Ocean. Meanwhile, Crossroads was set in a snowy locale. These could easily be updated names for the Black Sea and Tundra leaks respectively.

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Cartel appears to be the lone map with no similarities, so there’s a good chance we still see something new. Even if the other two leaked files match up with the existing maps from the alpha.

The action is set to kick off in a matter of days. Treyarch is setting the Black Ops Cold War beta live on October 8 for PS4 players. From how to gain access and when other platforms go live, be sure to check out our full beta rundown.