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Black Ops Cold War CDL Pack trailer hints at return of classic CoD game mode

Published: 5/Feb/2021 20:35

by Tanner Pierce


During the trailer for the Black Ops Cold War CDL Team Pack, which was just released today, fans spotted an interesting hint that the classic fan-favorite mode Capture the Flag might be coming to the game at some point in the near future.

If you’ve been hoping to play Capture the Flag in Black Ops Cold War, then your wait might finally be over, if a new hint is to be believed.

On February 5, 2021, Activision and Treyarch released a slew of Black Ops Cold War CDL Team Packs, which included skins based on – you guessed it – Call of Duty League teams. To coincide with its release, the developers also released a trailer to go alongside it and show off everything each one has to offer.


In the middle of the trailer, however, they seem to have hinted at that fact that Capture the Flag may be coming back to the game at some point soon. At the 22-second mark in the trailer, there appears to be a quick shot of a player running with a flag attached to their back, a notable indicator of the fan-favorite mode.

Of course, this isn’t a full blown confirmation that the mode is coming, let alone soon – but the shot clearly seems to be from something similar to it, at the very least.

Capture the Flag has been a staple post-launch mode for years in the CoD franchise, with appearances in almost every single game in the series. The premise is simple: Players have to grab a flag and bring it back to their base as quickly as possible and then repeat the process multiple times in order to win the round.


Unfortunately, there’s no details about how the game mode will work in Black Ops Cold War, although chances are it’ll be similar to how it worked in previous games. Only time will tell how the mode will operate and when it’ll actually be added to the game, but hopefully it’s soon.