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Black Ops Cold War campaign details: create-a-character & missions

Published: 26/Aug/2020 18:46 Updated: 26/Aug/2020 19:49

by David Purcell


Activision have rolled out a shed load of new Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War details, and it looks set to deliver one of the most creative Campaign modes we’ve seen in recent times. 

The game’s huge online community has been waiting for more details on the next installment of the Black Ops franchise for weeks, following the rollout of multiple teasers in Modern Warfare and Warzone.


On August 26, though, they dived a little deeper into what to expect and made some big things public. The game is set to be released on November 13, so let’s run through what is coming up in campaign.

Raven Software, who worked with Treyarch in developing the single-player mode, have confirmed that the Black Ops Cold War story will be a direct sequel to Black Ops 1, essentially taking place between the events of BO1 and BO2.


Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War campaign trailer

Black Ops Cold War Campaign info


Cod Black Ops Cold War campaign
Creating a new character and journey is one of the biggest features in CoD Black Ops Cold War.

For the first time ever, you’re going to be able to create your very own character to jump into Campaign mode.

Usually, we have taken up the roles of other figures, as seen with previous titles, but Activision have confirmed this year’s game will be the dawning of a new era for single-player Call of Duty.

This time, we will be able to change our character’s gender, name, identity, back story, and other details. You will even get the chance to create a CIA dossier on yourself, which could prove to be an interesting way of personalizing the experience. The choices made here will impact dialogue, but will not lead to any in-game advantages. It’s a purely cosmetic function. 


As soon as the Campaign menu loads up, you will jump into character creation. So, there’s a lot to look forward to.

New cast of characters

Call of Duty Black Ops' Woods talking to the player.
Woods has played a huge part in the Black Ops storyline, and he features in Cold War. His trusty vehicle will also be included.

Players generally like to see some old faces rear their head in the Campaign, mostly for nostalgia. Of course, they will again this time. Frank Woods, Hudson, and Mason have all been confirmed to be included by Activision.

Raven Software have been selected to shape the sequel for the original Black Ops title, and with that comes some changes to the cast. There’s four new characters coming in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War:

  • Russell Adler, played by Bruce Thomas
  • Helen Park, played by Lily Cowles
  • Lazar Azoulay, played by Damon Dayoub
  • Lawerence Sims, played by Reggie Watkins

Aside from those, also worth noting that Navid Negahban – who starred in Homeland from Showtime – has been picked as the main villain. Russel Adler, from the CIA, will work with player throughout the Campaign and has been described as “America’s monster”. 

Missions and Multiple endings

Cod Cold War campaign
Expect to see multiple endings in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s Campaign mode.

Three missions included in Black Ops Cold War have been announced. The first three, to be exact. These are called: Ukraine, Moscow, and Laos.


Traditionally Campaigns used to have one, max two, endings for Campaign. However, this is changing in BO: Cold War, with multiple possible endings, as well as side missions.

That being said, customization has very much been a focus this time around and the way you shape your character will determine their fate as you progress.

There will be a certain roleplaying element to the game that will decide what happens to the character as they progress. Each ending will be “special” according to the developers, Raven, which should make the mode a little more replayable than it has been in recent times.

Call of Duty

How to preload Black Ops Cold War Beta on PS4, Xbox One, PC

Published: 13/Oct/2020 18:15 Updated: 13/Oct/2020 18:18

by Albert Petrosyan


The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Beta is finally upon us, and we’ve got everything you need to know about how to pre-load and download it ahead of time on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Ahead of Black Ops Cold War’s highly-anticipated November 13 release, Call of Duty players are getting the chance to try out the game’s multiplayer in a massive Beta period during October.


While the Beta is going to be open to everyone on all platforms, those who pre-order the game get early access on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Furthermore, thanks to Sony’s exclusivity agreement with Activision, PlayStation 4 players got their hands on it before anyone else.

The details for how to pre-load the game on your console or PC can be found below, as well as the full schedule for all three platforms.

Black Ops Cold War Beta
The Black Ops Cold War Beta will take place over the course of a two week period.

How to pre-download Black Ops Cold War Beta on PS4

The early access period on PS4 started on Thursday, October 8 before the Beta was opened to all PlayStation users on Saturday, October 10. If you pre-ordered the game digitally, you could actually download the Beta early by simply searching ‘Black Ops Cold War Beta’ in the PlayStation Store.

There will be an option to download and pre-load the file before you can actually play, and you will not need a code. Just simply click on it and, as long as you’ve pre-ordered digitally, the system will allow you to start downloading.

It’s also worth noting that the same file will be used for both weekends, so you don’t need to delete and redownload it between the first and second sessions. However, this is a different program than the Alpha, so that can be deleted as it’s no longer needed.

Black Ops Cold War Beta pre-load
PlayStation Store
PS4 players who pre-ordered Black Ops Cold War digitally can start pre-loading the Beta file now.

How to pre-load Beta on Xbox One & PC

As mentioned above, the first week of the Beta was reserved exclusively for PS4 before also including Xbox One and PC this week. As with PlayStation, there will be an early access period on these other platforms as well, between October 15-16, after which the Beta becomes open to everyone on October 17.

The pre-loading period for Xbox One and PC started on Tuesday, October 13 at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET. The process is pretty much the same: Xbox players who have pre-ordered a digital version of the game on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, or Xbox Series X can find the Beta in the console store, while the PC version will be listed under “Partner Games” in the Blizzard launcher.

Keep in mind that, unlike with PS4, those on Xbox must have an active Xbox Live Gold membership, and PC players will need to have a account.

Black Ops Cold War Beta
Xbox One and PC users won’t be able to play the first weekend of the Black Ops Cold War Beta.

Additional info

For changes between the Alpha and the Beta, Treyarch released a massive set of patch notes on October 7 detailing all of the adjustments and improvements they’ve made since the game’s previous build.

Here are a few details you should know before the Beta periods kicks off:

  • Early access is only available for digital pre-orders. If you’ve pre-purchased a physical copy, you will not get early access.
  • If you’ve received a Beta code through Activision, Xfinity, or other promotions, you will receive an email with a download code
  • Digital pre-orders will not need a code to download the Beta, simply search your console store or Blizzard launcher for the game once the pre-load periods begin

When is the Black Ops Cold War Beta? Dates & schedule

Here’s a reminder of the full Beta schedule for BOCW; all periods begin and end at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET on their respective dates.

Black Ops Cold War Beta dates
The full schedule for the Black Ops Cold War Beta.
  • Weekend 1
    • October 8-9: PS4 early access
    • October 10-12: PS4 Open Beta
  • Weekend 2
    • October 15-16: PS4, Xbox One, PC early access
    • October 17-19: Open Beta for all platforms

For more information about what’s included in-game, make sure to check out our Black Ops Cold War Beta guide. Also, follow us on Twitter @DexertoINTEL for all the latest news, updates, leaks, guides, and more.