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Black Ops Cold War camo challenges are making Dark Matter impossible

Published: 14/Nov/2020 12:26

by Connor Bennett


A number of Black Ops Cold War players have called out Treyarch for some serious problems with the current crop of camo challenges that are in-game. 

Being able to customize your weapons has always been a big thing for Call of Duty players, and it’s only gotten bigger and bigger over the years as developers have added more and more options.

In Black Ops Cold War, Treyarch has taken the ball and ran with it, adding an incredible number of attachments for the majority of weapons. 

However, when it comes to throwing on different camos, players have run into some issues with certain weapons as they believe some of the challenges to unlock different camos have become almost impossible to complete.


Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Weapon Camo
The Dark Matter camo is the hardest one to unlock in Black Ops Cold War.

Reddit user Batsinvic888 pointed out that as they started their march to Dark Matter camo, they noticed that three challenges, in particular, had been causing headaches for players. 

These are the ‘Shoot and kill 50 enemies taking cover from you in Multiplayer’ with assault rifles, ‘Get 3 kills without dying 20 times’ with rocket launchers, and ‘Kill 75 enemies at point-blank range’ with SMGs. 

According to players, the first and third challenges have problems because the game has selective registering of which enemies are in cover and are close enough to count as point-blank. The rocket launcher challenge has an issue because, when using the Cigma 2 launcher, you only have two rockets to use and will likely die before a third kill. 


Treyarch, you NEED to change some of these camo challenges! from blackopscoldwar

According to some players, you can rectify some of these issues by playing Zombies because the leveling carries over, but not everyone will want to do that. 

Others, including Batsinvic888, have suggested that Treyarch simply tweaks the tolerance on the launcher task so you only have to kill two enemies and not three.

In addition to that, the devs could update the game so it registers enemies being in the required range for other tasks, but it remains to be seen if they’ll do so or if players will just soldier on with the challenges.