Black Ops Cold War 1.33 update details

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Black Ops Cold War has retained a healthy player base so long after its release, and even though there are more new Call of Duty games on the horizon, Treyarch has issued another update for Cold War to keep the content flowing.

Treyarch is currently operating on several fronts when it comes to the Call of Duty franchise with commitments to Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer and Zombies, as well as Zombies content for CoD Vanguard.

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Regardless, despite Call of Duty: Vanguard currently serving as the active mainline title, lots of players are still enjoying their time in the Cold War era. As a result, Treyarch has updated the game with new content and updates from time to time, and the 1.33 update is another example.


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Cold War’s popularity has actually increased as time has gone on.

Black Ops Cold War 1.33 update release date

The 1.33 update for Black Ops Cold War is live right now and was made available to players on June 21, 2022, to download.

Simply boot up Cold War and the latest Call of Duty update should be ready to install, if it hasn’t already if you have automatic updates switched on.

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Black Ops Cold War 1.33 contents

The actual contents of the update remain a mystery as Treyarch hasn’t properly acknowledged the software improvement, however, it’s believed that the 1.33 update has made alterations behind the curtain to allow for future bundles to be implemented.

A Reddit user detailed their findings:

“Yesterday’s patch added files for next month’s store rotations, including:

  • A bundle for Maxis.
  • A bundle for the Scythe, so that releases next season.
  • A Retooled Resnov bundle for Mason, (minus the Soviet iconography.)
  • Two bundles for Stone.
  • A cartoon themed cel-shaded bundle for Stitch.
  • A bundle for Wraith.

Most – but not all – of these bundles are Zombie-themed, so seemingly designed to coincide with Shi No Numa and the new Warzone Zombies LTE.”

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cold war operator firing gun on diesel mapActivision
This won’t be the most substantial update that Cold War has ever had.

Black Ops Cold War 1.33 size

Players looking to install the new 1.33 update will be grateful to know that the new update won’t be taken up much space on their PS5, Xbox Series X, PC, etc, as it will be 4 GB.

This shouldn’t take up much time, or space, and will allow you to get back to Cold War’s online quite quickly!

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