Black Ops 4 weapons are appearing in Cold War, and no one knows why
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Black Ops 4 weapons are appearing in Cold War, and no one knows why

Published: 20/Nov/2020 13:39

by Andrew Highton


CoD: Black Ops Cold War is now in full flow with its full release on PS5 and Xbox Series X. The game has had a mixed reception thus far, but it now appears to be borrowing elements from a previous Call of Duty game. Elements of Black Ops 4 are appearing in Cold War, and no one is sure why.

Between glitches, bugs, and general errors that are dampening enjoyment, Black Ops Cold War hasn’t bolted from the gate just yet. The game is still being crippled by some notable issues including unbalanced weapons, a lack of content, and player complaints. But the latest discovery is a curious one.


It seems that content featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has somehow made it into the game. Users have reported multiple instances of Black Ops 4 content being featured in their game at different points.

What Black Ops 4 content are people seeing?

It’s definitely a strange one, and it’s even more strange when you consider that there’s been a whole release since Black Ops 4 – two if you count Warzone.

Either way, an image recently appeared on Reddit showing a weird inclusion in Cold War’s Zombies mode. A player finds themselves at the Mystery Box and opens it in the hope of landing a powerful Ray Gun. Instead, players are presented with an Ak-47…or what should appear to be an AK-47.


blops 4 weapons in bocw
Pretty sure that’s not the AK-47?

However, this is only one example.

People have reportedly seen other skins from Black Ops 4 in the game too. When players have certain weapons in Treyarch‘s Black Ops Cold War highlighted, it will actually show some of the firearms from the franchise’s first Battle Royale game.

Sniper rifles and light machine guns have also been given the placeholder treatment and are stuck with the icons of yesteryear.

But I didn’t prestige?

Another bizarre bug has also appeared with one Reddit user being rewarded incorrectly.

Lorenso0 found themselves on the receiving end of a BLOPS4 master prestige icon after finishing a game.

blops4 master prestige in bocw
Treyarch, Lorenso0
Treyarch will hopefully patch it soon.

They are obviously trying to fix multiple issues to make BOCW the best it can be. However, changing some random Black Ops 4 images in Cold War might be low on the priority list.


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