Call of Duty

Black Ops 4: Special Winter Event Stream live for Multiplayer and Blackout across all platforms

by Alan Bernal


Treyarch has added a few new bells and whistles to the entirety of Black Ops 4 to celebrate the holiday season, and the new offerings include a load of timed exclusive features for players to get their hands on.


Black Ops 4 released on October 12 and has since been met with critical and fan acclaim, and the studio behind the game wants to cap off the season with a bit of holiday cheer for its fans.

Treyarch has released the Winter Event Stream for Xbox and PC players along with a winter makeover for Blackout that befits the Yuletide season.


The Winter Event Stream released December 13 for PS4 users, but the offerings have now been unleashed to all Black Ops 4 players.

The stream consists of 35 tiers with unlockables to earn at certain levels. There is also a new Triple Play Bundle that comes with the Great Lion Mastercraft, the Slay Bell Melee weapon, and a 10-tier boost for 2000 Call of Duty Points.

Blackout received a snowy face-lift on all platforms complete with holiday fixtures dispersed throughout the map.


In good winter cheer, the developers have added Snowballs as an in-game pickup to Blackout. Now the lobby full of blood-thirsty players can kill each other with softness throughout the map.

The limited timed Winter features and offerings have been made available to all, but will be gone on December 27.