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Call of Duty • Oct 14, 2018

Black Ops 4 sets new digital sales records, doubles WW2 on PC

Black Ops 4 sets new digital sales records, doubles WW2 on PC

Activision released new info on the success of Black Ops 4 by showing off impressive day one sales stats.


Black Ops 4 had the largest digital sales on opening day in Call of Duty franchise history.

The title also set records on each individual platform, becoming the most sold game on launch in the history of the PlayStation store.

Black Ops 4 did not earn the same overall record over on Xbox One, but still became the largest Activision digital release on the Xbox store.


There was also good news for PC players hoping the game will receive continued support, Black Ops 4 has doubled WW2’s digital sales on PC at launch.

Call of Duty has struggled on PC historically and lobbies experienced dwindling population over the lifespan of a title, but Black Ops 4's early sales success may give PC players hope this year.

Physical sales typically take much longer to track and are currently unavailable, with the numbers usually releasing on a monthly basis.


Black Ops 4 has received positive reviews from critics and the community, thanks in large part to the all new Blackout battle royale mode.

Blackout has also taken over Twitch viewership numbers and huge streamers like Dr DisRespect, Shroud and xQc have all started to play the game.

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