When is Blackout’s Ambush mode returning? Treyarch offer further details about April 2 Black Ops 4 update

Paul Cot

Treyarch have shared further details of the latest Call of Duty: Operation Grand Heist update. Changes to Black Ops 4 multiplayer and Blackout have also been detailed with a sneak peak of what else is coming soon.

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Black Ops 4 barebones

A barebones mode has finally be added to Black Ops 4 multiplayer. The popular barebones mode has been a regular feature in previous Call of Duty titles.

Specifically, the barebones mode will remove specialists and special issue weaponry and equipment. The intention is to bring a “classic Black Ops” feel to the game.

Furthermore, gear and operator mods have been removed. Select spawns are another feature to be removed.

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Weapons, perks, scorestreaks and general equipment such as frag grenades will remain in the Black Ops 4 barebones mode. The mode is available in team deathmatch and domination. A hardcore barebones playlist was also confirmed.

A new infected mode and changes to friendly-fire have also been implemented. They are fully discussed in the video below along with all other aspects of the Black Ops 4 update.

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Blackout update

The biggest change to Blackout has been the introduction of the new Alcatraz map. The brand new location hosts 40 players (10 squads of 4) in a close-quarters combat setting that allows up to five respawns.

David Vonderhaar, Studio Design Director at Treyarch, has also confirmed that they are eager to experiment with other configurations of player counts and squad sizes. This means we could see alterations made to Alcatraz and even new modes added to it.

Core Blackout changes

Vonderhaar also addressed the increasingly popular healing outside the collapse for victory “bug”. Doing so has become more prevalent as Blackout has matured.

As a result, they have adjusted the collapse damage – especially in the later stages. The consequence of this is you won’t be able to survive outside of the collapse, even while healing.

Ambush is returning to Blackout… Will Hot Pursuit follow?

Ambush mode to return?

It has been confirmed that the Blackout Ambush mode will be returning soon. The current target for Ambush’s return is April 9.

Changes to the mode are also coming along with its re-release. Certain vehicles are being removed in order to encourage gun fighting as opposed to running people over.

Additionally, the speed of the collapse has been slowed down. The intention here is to make other players the primary enemy rather than the collapse itself. Moreover, the SDM has been removed along with concussion and cluster grenades.