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Black Ops 4: How to build Silver Bullets and Ballistic Shield in new Zombies map Dead of the Night

Published: 12/Dec/2018 20:03 Updated: 12/Dec/2018 20:35

by Alan Bernal


The latest Zombies experience for Black Ops 4, Dead of the Night, has classic, easily killed zombies and undead hordes, but also features some ghoulish monstrosities that task players to complete quests in order to obtain a bit more firepower to push back against.

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The first pack of content in the Black Ops Pass released on December 11 and brought a new Zombies map that has players poking and prodding for every last quest item that are traditionally littered in Zombies campaigns.

Two of the most prominent items in Dead of the Night are the Silver Bullets and Ballstic Shields, and YouTuber Glitch has walked through exactly where and how to craft these important items.


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To get Silver Bullets, the player would need to find three metal objects apart from materials to craft the gunpowder. These objects too have multiple spawns varying every game.

The metal objects consist of–

The Candle Holder on the

  • Table in the Entrance Hall
  • Floor in the Billiards Room
  • The alter in the Main Hall in front of a big vase

The Silver Vase in the

  • Dining Room on the table in a sitting area
  • Dining Room on the edge of the main table
  • West Hallway floor next to the couch

The Silver Plate is in the Wine Cellar on the

  • Shelf in between two wine racks
  • Pillar wall to the right of the circular rug
  • Table with the noose on the chair

After collecting the silver, head to the Cellar to melt them down.

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ActivisionTaking the extra time to craft some Silver Bullets is gonna help when a few of these things are charging from all directions.

For the gunpowder locate the–

Charcoal at the foot of the fireplace in the

  • Main Hall
  • Billiards Room
  • Master Bedroom

Poop at the cemetery on the

  • Ground in front of the staircase with a single light on
  • Far right side of the Cemetery near a mausoleum and a staircase
  • Floor near the staircase leading to a mausoleum, on the right corner

Sulfur in the Greenhouse Laboratory on the

  • Study desk to the right of the entrance under the lamp with a green head
  • Workbench to to the right of the entrance
  • Study desk at the back of the rom with two lamps

After collecting all the parts head to the Library workbench to craft Silver Bullets.


To craft the Ballistic Shield find–

The Handle Piece which can be located at the:

  • East Balcony in between the pillars to the left of the Saug buy
  • Grand Staircase pillar
  • floor at the end of the West Balcony.

The Window Piece can be located

  • in the Study next to the doorway
  • on the broken shelf at the far wall of the Library
  • on the white couch in the Library

The Counter Piece spawns

  • in the East Hallway on the far chair
  • under the lamp in the Dining Room
  • to the left of the Green House Terrace exit

After you acquire all three pieces head over to the Smoking Room workbench to craft the Ballistic Shield.