Black Ops 4 glitch stops players taking damage from Nomad’s Attack Dog

. 4 years ago
Call of Duty

A new Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 glitch enables players to avoid taking damage from Nomad’s specialist Attack Dog ability as long as they are performing an emote.

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Since Black Ops 4 was released in October, there have been many glitches across both the Blackout and Multiplayer modes to the annoyance of fans and professional players alike. However, Treyarch have been doing their best to fix these errors by updating the game every few days.

However, they will have to add a new glitch to their list of upcoming fixes after players discovered that Nomad’s dog is rendered useless if an enemy performs an emote.

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In a post on the Black Ops 4 subreddit, user Mathishian29 showed just how players can avoid taking damage from Nomad’s incredibly powerful dog ability by performing a sitting down emote in the laboratory area of the map Arsenal.

While the dog was able to scale the table that Mathishian was sat on, it was unable to attack them. Instead. It bounces up and down in its animation like it would if it was attacking a player whilst being unable to recognize that the player was sat down. After failing to kill Mathishian, the dog scurried away, disappearing through a wall.

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The glitch may not appear as game-breaking as some others, but it does clearly nerf the use of Nomad.

That may not be a terrible thing for everybody involved as the Attack Dog has been criticized for being one of the most overpowered abilities in Black Ops 4. However, it is certainly a negative for any players who use the specialist as their main character.

It is currently uncertain whether all emotes have the same effect.

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