Call of Duty

Black Ops 4 glitch allows Prophet players to use unlimited Seeker Shock Mines

by Ross Deason


A Black Ops 4’s player has discovered a strange new glitch with the Prophet specialist that allows you to use unlimited Seeker Shock Mines.


The Seeker Mine is Prophet’s Specialist Equipment item. It’s a tactical item that hunts down enemy players when deployed. Once it finds an opponent, it will shock them and cause temporary paralysis.

Some community members have already expressed concerns that the item is overpowered and earned too quickly, but those concerns will treble when they see the bug shared by ‘noble_nanda’ on Reddit.


In a post titled “Huge Prophet Glitch - Unlimited Seeker Mines (Help Get Treyarch's Attention!)” noble_nanda can be seen playing in the water at the boat house in Hacienda and throwing Seeker Mine after Seeker Mine with no cooldown period:

Huge Prophet Glitch - Unlimited Seeker Mines (Help Get Treyarch's Attention!) from r/Blackops4


While there is some concern from other Reddit users that sharing the glitch could result in more players using it, the general consensus is that giving it more publicity will make it more likely that Treyarch notice it.

The developers have teased a major update coming later today, October 19, so players might not have to wait long for a fix to be implemented.

One thing that’s for certain is the update will be coming with a double XP weekend for all multiplayer and Zombies fans, so there should be something for everyone!

We have not tested this glitch on other maps and will not be posting any information on how to recreate it.