Call of Duty

Black Ops 4: Full breakdown of the THREE new weapons added to Multiplayer and Blackout - Daemon 3XB, SWAT RFT, and Secret Santa

by Albert Petrosyan


The second Operation of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Operation Absolute Zero - has gone and live and added a lot of new content to the game.


Part of that new content are the three new weapons that have been added to the Multiplayer and Blackout battle royale modes. 

The new weapons are the Daemon 3XB Submachine Gun, SWAT RFT Assault Rifle, and Secret Santa melee weapon, all of which are currently available in-game.


The Daemon 3XB is a high powered SMG that offers relatively low damage, range, and accuracy, but a very high fire rate, making it the perfect weapon for close quarters engagements.

The SWAT RFT also looks to be a powerful addition for closer range gunfights, as it features high damage, fire rate, and accuracy, and not the typical range offered by assault rifles. 


The final weapon added is the Secret Santa, which is what appears to be a crowbar wrapped in gift wrapping and a gift bow. As usually with melee weapons, Secret Santa offers one-hit kill damage, adding a festive twist to the game. 

Unlike the previous Black Ops title, players do not need to get lucky in Supply Drops to obtain these weapons, as they are unlockable simply by playing the game.

The Daemon 3XB is available once Tier 50 in the Operation Absolute Zero is reached, and the SWAT RFT can be unlocked at Tier 100. The Secret Santa is available right off the bat in the melee weapons section.

Those who want to try out these weapons without having to grind to reach those Tiers can purchase all the way up to Tier 100 using CoD Points. 

As mentioned above, these weapons are also available to find and use in Blackout, although they may feel different than in Multiplayer since the two modes use different ballistic mechanics.

Here is a video showcasing both the Daemon 3XB and SWAT RFT in Blackout, courtesy of YouTuber 'thewalkthroughking.'

More information about Operation Absolute Zero, including details about other new additions and changes to Multiplayer, Blackout, and Zombies, is available by visiting our information page here.