Fan favorite Hot Pursuit mode returns to Call of Duty: Blackout, but where did Duos go?

Treyarch have listened to the feedback of Call of Duty fans and re-added Hot Pursuit to Blackout.

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Alcatraz added to Black Ops 4

Black Ops 4 players were hyped with the announcement of an entirely new map coming to Blackout. Since its release in October 2019, there had been only one map to play on.

While the map was sizeable and had been reguarly updated, CoD players needed something to freshen up the game. The new Blackout map Alcatraz provides a new experience, with frantic action and the majority of gunfights taking place at close quarters.

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However, with Alcatraz being such a high-paced mode, it has divided opinion among Blackout players. Some love the frequent respawns and never-ending gunfights, while others prefer the more tactical and long-range fighting of the first Blackout map.

Furthermore, many players were bitterly disappointed when they realized the introduction of Alcatraz meant the removal of the incredibly popular Hot Pursuit mode.

Hot Pursuit is available in the Blackout playlists again!
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Hot Pursuit returns

Black Ops 4 fans weren’t shy about letting Treyarch know their disappointment that Hot Pursuit had been removed.

Comments varied from, “Where the hell is the Hot Pursuit mode for Blackout?!” to a more reasoned, “It would be awesome to have hot pursuit as a permanent blackout mode. I feel like it’s a good medium in reference to Alcatraz and standard quads.”

The developers behind Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 have listened though and to the delight of many have re-added Hot Pursuit. Whether it remains a permanent fixture (it should) is currently unclear.

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Duos removed

When one mode is added, apparently another is removed. Much like Alcatraz and Hot Pursuit, the same has happened to Hot Pursuit and duos, as the latter has been removed.

The Treyarch Twitter account hinted that this was an intentional move “to encourage gameplay in other playlists”. However, this was also met with criticizm and as a result Treyarch have confirmed that duos will be returning at some point on April 11.

This means there will five different Blackout playlists which could turn into six if the tentatively scheduled Ambush is to also return.

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