Bizarre Warzone glitch makes players invincible for free wins

Warzone gameplayActivision

A bizarre Warzone glitch is making players outright invincible in the downed state, allowing them to survive through the final zone and outlive all other foes for an easy win.

We’ve seen plenty of frustrating Warzone bugs over the years giving out unfair advantages. From the infamous gas mask exploit era to Loadout Drop glitches, players have found multiple ways to effectively break the battle royale.

While devs barrel towards the next big content drop, with Warzone Pacific Season 3 looming, a critical bug has just appeared that could soon take a hold of the conversation.

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If you happen to be downed in any given playlist on either Caldera or Rebirth, there’s a chance it’ll actually help you in the long run, thanks to the latest Warzone glitch.

After being knocked off their feet in an April 16 game, one particular player on Reddit went to use their Self-Revive. As usual, this clutch ability can often get you right back in the right for a chance at revenge.

This time around, however, that wasn’t quite the case. Midway through activating their Self-Revive, the player was struck by a nearby Combat Bow explosive.

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In the blink of an eye, their revive progress was halted and they were unable to charge it back up again. Similarly, their health bar also stopped in its tracks, preventing them from bleeding out.

For a full 10 minutes, this player found themselves stuck out in the gas while the game continued on. Completely immune to not only this toxic gas but also every other form of damage, they soon found themselves in the Warzone victory cutscene as they’d outlived every other player.

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Warzone Combat BowActivision
The Combat Bow was introduced as a powerful killstreak during the Black Ops Cold War cycle.

While the bug appears to be repeatable, it’s obviously quite difficult to set up. Not only do you need to have Self Revive at the ready, but nearby opponents have to be wielding the Combat Bow.

So although it can lead to an outright win, there’s a good chance you don’t see this bug in action all too often. That said, we recommend staying away from the Bow in the coming weeks to avoid any painful losses.

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