Bizarre Warzone bug somehow lets players drive off after getting downed

Warzone Bug Downed Players Escape Ghost Cars LogoActivision

A strange Warzone bug has reared its head after the Season 5 Reloaded update, allowing players to control vehicles from beyond the grave.

Warzone’s Season 5 Reloaded update landed with a bang, and introduced plenty of weapon changes and new content for players to enjoy ahead of November’s Vanguard release and integration.

Despite the addition of fresh and interesting content, like the new Iron Trials mode, there are still plenty of bugs and unexpected side effects circulating in the game — some of them funny, others much more frustrating.

In another case of unintended glitches popping up, players have discovered that with some incredible timing (and a bit of luck, or misfortune depending on your view), they can manipulate vehicles after being downed by an opponent, resulting in some hilarious side effects.

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Call of Duty Warzone Tactical RoverActivision
Players are going full Ghost Rider with Warzone’s vehicles.

One Warzone fan shared a clip of their encounter with these ghost vehicles on social media, and confirmed that they “got downed while the car was stuck, [but] could drive off [without them] in it.”

The footage showcased the player messing around in one of Warzone’s tactical rovers, having somehow managed to wedge the vehicle into a Big Bertha’s truck bed.

The player then came under fire from a nearby building and was quickly downed. Afterwards, things started to get a bit off-track from what the player had expected.

Their character model appeared next to the vehicle they had just been occupying. However, the camera remained stuck in the car’s viewpoint, like the player was still sitting in the vehicle — and as it turns out, the game appeared to think they were, in fact, still sitting in the driver’s seat.

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The downed player was still able to drive the car around, and showed off this unearthly ability by leaving their character behind and attempting to make a quick getaway in their newfound, invisible form.

Unfortunately, they didn’t make it very far before the enemy team finished off their downed character, and the killcam finally rolled.

The clip quickly caught traction with the Warzone community after they saw the player’s hilarious maneuvers first-hand. “What the actual f**k, I’d probably be p**sing myself if this happened [to me],” a fellow fan commented.

While the issue isn’t noted on Raven Software’s Warzone tracker at the time of writing, they’ll likely catch wind of these incidents soon enough and issue a quick fix. Until then, be on the lookout for any ghostly vehicles prowling the streets of Verdansk ’84 or Rebirth Island.

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