Bizarre Warzone 2 glitch turns cargo trucks into submarines

Cargo truck full of people zooming around Al-Mazrah in Warzone 2.Activision

Warzone 2 players are turning trucks into improvised submarines thanks to bugged locations around Al-Mazrah.

Warzone 2 glitches are a dime-a-dozen these days, but some crafty players may have discovered the most versatile one yet.

The vehicles around the map already give players a level of protection while they zip around collecting kills, but the options for water-based travel are a lot more exposed than their land-operated counterparts.

But what if you could take one of the fortified trucks under the water? Well, these operators have answered that question for us.

Crafty Warzone 2 players turn armored trucks to submarines

As their truck speeds right off the edge of the pier, these Warzone 2 players avoided the tragic end that normally befalls any truck that goes underwater. The driver is able to keep the pedal to the metal and cruise through the river.

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The bug can occur at several spots around the map, but the video embedded below takes place around the docks.

This strategy is already striking fear into the hearts of players over on the game’s subreddit, where many are anticipating it becoming a go-to strategy in certain zones.

“Oh this is gonna get absurd as fuck when circles go over there,” one commenter said. “Have to play the JAWS theme if you do it near people…”

While it would be terrifying enough if this was the only location where the bug worked, there are reports of it happening in various places around the map. “There are a few spots like this. I’ve done this before on the canal in the middle. it seems to only be the truck though.”

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There’s no telling if/or when this exploit will be patched either, so the grim predictions about it becoming popular may very well come true. If it does, just remember to peer into the water every so often just so there are no surprises when it comes to the final circle.