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Call of Duty

Bizarre Vanguard camera glitch completely flips the game on its head

Published: 4/Apr/2022 15:41

by Andrew Highton


Matches of CoD Vanguard can be tough enough without bizarre glitches and bugs interfering. But this is exactly what happened to one player who experienced a technical hiccup that turned their game sideways.

Whereas Warzone Pacific continues to lap up all the attention thanks to its recent update to Rebirth Island, Vanguard is still moving along nicely. Sledgehammer Games’ World War FPS now has full ranked play for players to battle through, the devs are trying to fix the game’s spawn system, and the new Arms Race mode has shaken things up.

The new CoD variation takes us nicely to the Vanguard glitch in question as certain actions seem to bring back the old broken camera glitch from Cold War’s Outbreak.


polina petrova aiming down sniper rifle in cod vanguard
Needless to say, the camera not turning sideways mid-game would be useful.

Vanguard camera glitch breaks game

The action in Arms Race can get very intense very quickly with 24 players competing to occupy bases and detonate devices. Add in some vehicles and you have a real recipe for destruction.

This is why Reddit user MrNutCracko got more than they bargained for during a game of Arms Race. Just as the Vanguard player attempted to mount a bike, you could see the animation began to play out, but the bike was blown up simultaneously.

The timing of the scenario was clearly a complete aberration in the game’s eyes as its solution was to turn the game’s camera completely on its side.


Absolutely everything else seemed to work perfectly: aiming, firing, etc, there was just the tiny matter of the warped perspective.

As many commenters attested to, this was a common problem in Cold War. One user explained what would happen and why: “It would glitch upon landing from a high jump, parachute landing, or even jumping off a shed.

“It can go from just 15° off, but the more you move, or move your mouse, the more askew the viewing angle will get. It may be fun and gimmicky at first, but having it widdle down to 90° is trash. Even worse is a full 180° flip.”


The circumstances around this version of the glitch are clearly different though, and, hopefully, this isn’t the start of the glitch making a full return to Call of Duty.