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Bizarre Modern Warfare Infected glitch is making players invincible

Published: 17/Sep/2020 18:22

by Daniel Cleary


Call of Duty players have found a strange glitch with the Reinfected Ground War mode in Modern Warfare which prevents survivors from taking any damage in-game.

Infected has been one of the most popular modes for those looking to show off their survival skills and has been a fan-favorite in many of the past Call of Duty titles as well.

The classic Call of Duty game mode was brought back to Modern Warfare through their new Reinfected: Ground War playlist, which features a chunk of the Warzone map, Verdansk, as the battleground.


infected game mode in modern warfare
Infinity Ward
Modern Warfare’s Reinfected mode is all about survival.

There have been five different maps added to this playlist such as Tavorsk District, Port, Boneyard, and more, allowing players to experience most of Verdansk in a survival-based game mode instead.

However, Call of Duty YouTuber Bubs revealed there was one glitch on the Karst River Quarry map that is seemingly making Modern Warfare players un-killable.

Bubs highlighted a simple wall glitch where players could go prone near the edge of the map and disappear inside of a rock on the outskirts of the map, making it nearly impossible for infected players to reach them.

Topic starts at 1:36

Although it is possible to shoot enemies from inside this glitch, Infected players do not have any guns and their throwing knives do not pass through this rock.


While this area is also available in Warzone, it does not appear to have the same effect in the battle royale mode as the Reinfected: Ground War playlist.

The content creator pointed out that this unusual wall glitch makes it easier for players to pick up tons of kills in Infected and could possibly even help them earn a Tactical Nuke killstreak, which instantly ends the game.

As this bug can deliver some game-breaking results, it is quite likely that Infinity Ward will be looking to issue a fix for it in one of their future updates. For now, there has been no update from Infinity Ward and the problem has not been added to their “known issues” list on Trello.