Bizarre Cold War Zombies glitch forces players to run around upside down

. 10 months ago
Zombies glitch Cold War

A strange bug in Black Ops Cold War Zombies is turning the perspective of players upside down, leaving them completely disorientated.

While some players enjoy the Multiplayer side of Black Ops Cold War, others prefer tearing down hordes of undead enemies with powerful weapons in the Zombies mode.

As the matches get harder and harder as the rounds go up, it’s important players are always aware of their surroundings and ready for an enemy to come out of nowhere.

Unfortunately, recently a lot of Zombies players have been struggling with a bug that’s completely flipping their perspective upside down.

Although it’s relatively easy to fix, it’s enough to get a player killed in a high-round which can cause a lot of frustration.

Cold War Zombies glitch
One mistake in a late-round can be the end of a Zombies run.

Cold War Zombies bug is disorientating players

With hundreds of undead enemies closing on your position at all times, camera issues in Zombies can be a death sentence, as showcased by Peufect on the CODZombies subreddit.

After attempting to jump off a ledge and deploying their parachute, Peufect’s perspective completely flipped, forcing them to run around upside down.

It’s hard to know what caused this glitch to happen, but it appears to be linked with the parachute animation as it occurs as soon as Peufect opens it up.

While most players affected by this glitch would die quickly, Peufect manages to run around the map until the helicopter arrives, giving them an escape from the glitch and the zombies.

According to other players in the thread, fixing the issue is as simple as entering a vehicle or riding a zipline, but even that can be difficult when your camera is flipped.

This is definitely a bug that is going to impact players on high-rounds, so hopefully, Treyarch will find a solution as soon as possible.

Luckily, it appears the flipped perspective glitch is limited to Zombies and isn’t affecting players in Multiplayer modes.

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