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Bizarre Black Ops Cold War bug makes care packages go missing

Published: 1/Feb/2021 18:05

by Jacob Hale


A bizarre bug in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is making care packages literally go missing after being called in.

Like any other game, Black Ops Cold War has not been without its bugs since launching back in November 2020.

In the past, we’ve seen players losing camos that they’ve worked hard to earn, as well as people’s VTOL scorestreaks freezing in mid-air.

This one, though, is taking away our sacred care packages, causing them to simply not drop into the map, and it’s not clear how or why this bug is occurring.

black ops cold war care package war machine
Activision/YouTube: VoidGod93291
The Care Package can grant you any manner of goods.

The Care Package costs 2000 score in Black Ops Cold War, so while it’s on the lower end of the scorestreak scale, it can swing a game either way due to its ability to drop high streaks. If you’re lucky enough to pick up something like a Chopper Gunner, it could solidify your win, while pulling an RC-XD or Counter Spy Plane is a little disappointing.


Because of this gamble, it’s always exciting to see what comes out of your Care Package — but what if the streak never even turns up?

While we’ve all encountered them landing on roofs or out of reach places, this clip below from liokazar on Reddit sees it seemingly not drop out of the drop ship at all, with the plane just flying off without delivering the goods.

Anyone else’s care packages just… not drop? from r/blackopscoldwar

At first glance, it seems the Care Package probably just landed on the roof, but you can see no outline of it or icon of a scorestreak up there, which suggests it simply never dropped out.


This is confirmed by liokazar in the comments of the original post, too, saying that there was no signifier that the care package was up there as there usually would be.

This is definitely a bizarre one, and is hard to figure out what exactly had happened — but Treyarch may want to confirm whether or not Care Package helicopters are ignoring the one and only job they have in the game.