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Best KRM 262 shotgun loadout for Call of Duty: Mobile

Published: 7/Sep/2020 16:08

by Connor Bennett


The KRM 262 is one of Call of Duty: Mobile’s most powerful weapons, but what is the best set-up and class for it? Well, there are a few tips and tricks to use ahead of Season 10.

With Call of Duty Mobile Season 9, Conquest, quickly drawing to a close, fans of the extremely popular mobile game are gearing up for Season 10 and everything that will be in store for them there. 

The developers have already revealed that Modern Warfare’s Pine Gunfight map will be joining the map pool, as will the classic Headquarters game mode, but they haven’t yet confirmed what the new weapon will be.


With all signs pointing towards a shotgun, the current crop could be for some changes, but there are still some incredibly powerful shotguns – most notably, the KRM 262.

CoD Mobile puts some of Call of Duty’s most popular features in one game.

Best KRM 262 class for CoD Mobile

The popular shotgun, which stems from Call of Duty Black Ops 3 has been in CoD Mobile since Season 3 and is arguably the standout of the close-quarters weapons. 

You can easily one-pump an enemy with the shotgun without making any tweaks, but if you truly want to run riot, throw on some attachments like the Extended Barrel and MIP Laser 5mW. These will keep things nice and steady. 

As for everything else, you can mess about with stocks and grips, but its easier to eye up a perk and muzzle. Specifically, take a look at Sleight of Hand and the Choke. 


  • Muzzle: Choke
  • Laser:  MIP Laser 5mW
  • Barrel: Extended Barrel
  • Perk: Sleight of Hand 

Obviously, only taking four attachments does leave an empty gap, and you can experiment with sights or something else, but that’s the best set up if you want to up close and personal while also being extremely accurate.

To round out your class, you’ll need perks and it’s hard to go wrong with the classic line up of Lightweight, Toughness, and Dead Silence.