Best FSS Hurricane Warzone 2 loadout: Class setup, attachments, Perks

Best FSS Hurricane loadout Warzone 2Activision

The SMG arsenal is a hotly contested category in Warzone 2 and the FSS Hurricane is already a deadly pick in the current meta. We’ve got the best FSS Hurricane loadout in Warzone 2, complete with attachments, Perks, and equipment.

Warzone 2 is overflowing with weapons to try out as players look to conquer Al Mazrah. Whether you’re a stealthy Sniper or prefer to get in the enemy’s faces, there’s a gun for every play style.

The SMG class is one of the most popular in the game, full of weapons that can quickly send players to the Gulag at close-range. There are plenty to choose from, but the FSS Hurricane has emerged as a fan favorite already.

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We’ve put together the best FSS Hurricane loadout in Warzone 2, including the ideal attachments, Perks, and equipment.


Best FSS Hurricane Warzone 2 loadout

  • Muzzle: AVR-T90 Comp
  • Barrel: FSS Cannonade 16″ Barrel
  • Optic: Cronen Mini Pro
  • Stock: Demo Fade Pro Stock
  • Rear Grip: Sakin ZX Grip

The FSS Hurricane can already hold its own at close-range, so our loadout revolves around making it more accurate at a distance. We kick things off with the AVR-T90 Comp, which drastically reduces horizontal recoil during sustained fire.

Then we’ve picked the FSS Cannonade 16″ Barrel, offering a vital boost to the damage range and bullet velocity to make the SMG feel more like a mid-range Assault Rifle. An Optic is also needed, so we recommend the Cronen Mini Pro for a clean sight that doesn’t take over the screen.

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Lastly, we’ve gone for the Demo Fade Pro Stock and Sakin ZX. This combination removes much of the FSS Hurricane’s recoil, turning it into a laser at the right range.

Best FSS Hurricane Warzone 2 class: Perks & equipment

  • Base Perk 1: Overkill
  • Base Perk 2: Bomb Squad
  • Bonus Perk: Fast Hands
  • Ultimate Perk: Ghost
  • Lethal: Drill Charges
  • Tactical: Flash Grenades

There is currently no option to create a Perk Package in Warzone 2, so Weapon Specialist is the strongest option since it includes Overkill. While the best FSS Hurricane loadout will dominate at a close to mid-range, bringing along a Sniper Rifle like the MCPR-300 could come in clutch in the endgame.

This Perk Package also comes with Strong Arm to throw equipment further, along with Spotter to see enemy equipment and Killstreaks through walls.

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In the Ultimate slot is Survivor, which speeds up how long it takes for you to be revived, and pings downed players for your teammates to see.

Drill Charges are a new addition in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, and they’re ideal for killing players who are camping in a room. Then, Flash Grenades can disorientate teams before you move in for the kill.

How to unlock the FSS Hurricane in Warzone 2

To unlock the FSS Hurricane in Warzone 2, you’ll first need to use the FTAC Recon until it reaches Level 16.

However, due to the new Gunsmith system, you’ll also need to get the M4 to Level 13 in order to get hold of the FTAC Recon.

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Best FSS Hurricane alternatives in Warzone 2

If the FSS Hurricane isn’t quite cutting for you, the Fennec 45 is also one of the strongest guns in Warzone 2 right now.

However, for something a bit more versatile, you can’t go wrong with the STB 556 Assault Rifle.

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