Best FOV settings for Warzone 2 on PlayStation, PC & Xbox

Warzone 2 gameplayActivision

An FOV slider is finally available in Warzone 2 as players across console and PC can now set their preferred Field of View in the Call of Duty Battle Royale. From where to find this setting to our recommended FOV, here’s everything you need to know.

After years of waiting, Warzone players finally had their prayers answered with the release of Warzone 2. Console players now join the PC crowd in having the ability to customize their FOV.

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Expanding your scope beyond what was previously capable opens up the world of Warzone, allowing you to see far more than ever before. Enemies trying to flank on the edge of your screen come into focus, helicopters in the sky stay in your line of sight longer than usual, and on the whole, you’ll have a far better understanding of your position on Al Mazrah.

So if you’re looking to tweak your FOV in Warzone 2, here’s how it works and what we recommend for each platform.

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What is Field of View (FOV) in Warzone 2?

In essence, FOV is a setting that helps to expand your vision in Warzone 2. With a lower FOV, your sight is limited, effectively giving you tunnel vision. But with a higher FOV, more of the game becomes visible in each moment, allowing you to see a greater amount of detail in moment-to-moment gameplay.

Warzone 2 FOV settingActivision
The wider your FOV in Warzone 2, the more you can see in any given moment.

How to change your FOV setting in Warzone 2

Thankfully, changing your FOV in Warzone 2 couldn’t be easier. It’s simply a matter of heading to your Graphics settings and finding the FOV slider under the ‘View’ category. Below is a step-by-step breakdown to keep it simple:

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  • Press your ‘Options’ input to view the menu.
  • Head to the Settings tab (signified by a cog).
  • Scroll down to ‘Graphics’ and select this option.
  • In Graphics, scroll down to the ‘View’ category.
  • Select the Field of View (FOV) slider and set your preference.

Best FOV settings for Warzone 2

The ideal Field of View (FOV) setting in Warzone 2 is between 100 and 120. Ultimately, the higher you set the FOV, the more you can see, which is only bound to help in-game. But expanding the FOV too wide can also make it difficult to see smaller targets in the distance.

Therefore, hitting the sweet spot between 100 and 120 is the optimal way to go in Warzone 2. Be sure to experiment in a few games until you find what’s right for you.

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